Learn about Michigan CU Employees Savings Plan at AC&E

The Retirement Plan for Michigan CU Employees 401(k) Savings Plan (MCUE) provides benefits beyond what a single-employer plan can offer. It allows you to do everything possible to help your employees retire financially secure.

To learn more, attend the breakout session at AC&E, presented by Retirement Specialist Steve Benzing and Gerry Pernot, manager of key accounts for CUNA Mutual Group. The session, called “MCUE: Why it’s Michigan’s most popular 401(k) plan for credit unions” is Saturday, June 6, at 11:15 a.m.

As a multiple employer plan (MEP), the MCUE Plan allows credit unions to take advantage of benefits that are typically only available to substantially larger plans – benefits such as:

Cutline http://link.videoplatform.limelight.com/media/?mediaId=79e487455c1341cdbb673fb76165ad51&width=640&height=360&playerForm=a8037a142fe14eeb9f88eb38fbe44be9
Watch this short message to hear how the MCUE plan has helped Dow Chemical Employees’ CU employees.

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