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Michigan Credit Union League

For Lawmakers and Community Leaders

For Michigan credit unions, financial education is a core mission. Credit unions exist to help people get the most from their money and it all starts with helping them learn how to make wise financial decisions.

Bring trustworthy and meaningful financial education to your community with these resources and connect with your local credit union for financial education activities.

Skilled Trade Career Resources

Resources and lesson plans to connect teens and young adults with information and training for high-demand skilled trade jobs in Michigan.

Financial Reality Fairs for Teens

Credit union partners make it easy to make a lasting impact on the financial futures of high school and middle school participants.

Route Your Retirement Fairs for Adults

Partner with a credit union to bring this interactive simulation experience that will have participants thinking ahead to a financially secure retirement.


Connect your community with the award winning show, games and activities for young entrepreneurs and financial educators.

Financial Guides from CU Link Michigan

Help residents get the most from their money with trustworthy online resource guides and financial calculators.

NEFE High School Financial Planning Program

Free turnkey curriculum tools and active learning resources to teach teens about personal finance from the National Endowment for Financial Education.  

Credit Union Financial Experts

Contact us to connect with a knowledgeable credit union financial educator to:

  • Provide practical financial advice to your constituents on your cable TV program, newsletter or website.
  • Partner with you for youth and adult financial education activities and presentations.
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