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Examination Support

For many credit union professionals, regulatory exams evoke feelings of angst and trepidation. Credit unions—as clients of regulatory agencies—should look forward to exam reports as helpful tools designed to highlight possible improvements. We have exceptional state and federal regulators that are dedicated and committed, but in even the best of circumstances, we can ask for and expect more from ourselves and our regulators.

MCUL Examination Survey

Have a voice in the process. Make sure to participate in the annual MCUL Examination Survey. Surveys were sent to credit union CEOs in May; contact us if you missed it.

Share Best Practices

Forward examples of “best practice” suggestions made by state or federal examiners to MCUL. Contact information for the MCUL Regulatory Affairs team can be found on the sidebar.

Meetings with DIFS and NCUA

Attend MCUL meetings with DIFS and NCUA concerning exam issues, and be willing to share your concerns in order to improve the examination climate for all Michigan credit unions.

The Appeal Process

Credit unions that disagree with an exam rating or finding should have a clear understanding of the appeal process. Don't hesitate to reach out to MCUL with for guidance or to voice concerns.

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