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Arthur’s Pet Business: Goods & Services

Presentation provided by: Natalie McLaughlin, Community Financial Members Credit Union,, (734) 582-8774; & Beth Troost
Outlined by: Kathy Hoen, Community Choice Credit Union,, (734) 421-7180
Source: Adapted from Arthur’s Pet Business by Marc Brown

Age or Grade: Elementary – 1st and 2nd grade

Subject Matter: Simplified economic concepts

Length of Presentation: 30 minutes-1 hour

  • Can be expanded based on age group or time available


Presentation Detail:

  • Introduce yourself to the students. Tell about your job at your credit union.
  • Talk to the students about economic choices & the difference between needs and wants.
  • Explain ‘goods’ and ‘services’. Make a list on the board.
  • Read ‘Arthur’s Pet Business’ to the students. Keep the ending a surprise!
  • Complete the ‘Arthur’ worksheet with the students.

Grade Level Michigan Educational Standards & Benchmarks Supported:

  • Social Studies (Michigan Contents Standards & Draft Benchmarks, 1995)
    • Strand IV Economic Perspective
    • Content Standard 1. Individual and household choices
      • Identify ways families produce and consume goods and services
    • Content Standard 2. Business choices
      • Connect economic needs with businesses that meet them
      • Select a particular good or service and describe the types of resources necessary to produce and distribute it.
    • Content Standard 4. Economic systems
      • Identify examples of markets they experience in their daily life.
      • Distinguish between producers and consumers in a market economy.
    • Content Standard 5. Trade
      • Recognize economic exchanges in which they participate.
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