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YOU and ArtPrize!

What is ArtPrize?

ArtPrize is an international mash-up of art, ideas, crowds and conversation packed into every conceivable space within three square miles of downtown Grand Rapids. Public or private, indoors or out, large or small, every space within the ArtPrize boundary has a story to tell.

ArtPrize is a platform on which artists can experiment, collaborate and explore new ideas. Thousands of artists have participated in ArtPrize, each one finding their own catalyst for action. For some it’s the prize, for others it’s the 300,000+ visitors and for many it’s simply another opportunity to create.

This year ArtPrize takes place from September 19 to October 7, so attendees at the HR, Trainer & Supervisor Institute will have the opportunity to experience, enjoy and vote on art throughout the city.

A representative of ArtPrize will provide more details during the networking reception taking place at the HR, Trainer & Supervisor Institute, and will provide maps and information on how to go out into the city and really experience ArtPrize!

Find Your Inner Artist! An Artistic Credit Union Challenge

We all know that credit unions are special ... and art is special ... so why not combine the two? At this year's HR, Trainer & Supervisor Institute attendees will have the opportunity to enter a creative photograph taken of their credit union into the event's own "mini-art expo".

Start looking at your credit union from a whole new angle and get ready to snap a digital photo that combines the artist in you, with something you find creative about your credit union.

Check back for more details on how to participate! It's just part of the fun of attending this year's HR, Trainer & Supervisor Institute.





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