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Training Topics

In-House Trainers! Discover new tools, methodologies and resources to address the unique needs of credit union trainers, improve effectiveness and boast professional development.

Day 1 | Tuesday, September 25

Amplifying Efforts:
Tools for Driving a Developmental Culture

Facilitated by Jackson Hataway
      Pre-approved for 1.25 general credit hours.

High performance companies typically share a key differentiating characteristic across industries...they are development-centric. They rely on operational processes that continuously improve the competencies and proficiencies of staff while simultaneously producing dynamic results. They understand that having a bench of talented, capable leaders is critical to long-term success. And they know that size doesn’t matter, but rather scale, efficiency and growth all result from employees who can and will do more. For credit unions, building this type of culture means using tools and systems that encourage development through the work, not separate from the work. Beginning at the frontline and working all the way up to the board room, learning and development has to become a central part of doing business, and it has to be driven by the efforts of leaders at every level. This engaging and entertaining session on building a developmental culture will provide leading industry examples and cutting edge research, to amplifying efforts and make work accomplishments matter more.

Quality Training:
Tips, Tricks, Technology and Resources
Facilitated by Stacie VanDenBerghe
      Pre-approved for 1.25 general credit hours.

Looking for ways to make your training program more interesting? This session will cover the tips, tricks, technology and resources that are affordable and available to all credit union trainers. This session provides the tools to make training sessions more dynamic and appealing to participants and is sure to provide take-away resources that can be implemented with little effort. Delivering quality training every time earns the respect needed to take training programs to the next level!

From Being a Trainer to Learning and Development Consultants
Facilitated by Karen Hicks
      Pre-approved for 1.25 general credit hours.

Training is more than just the time spent at the front of the classroom.  Trainers demonstrate the credit union’s expectations every day. No matter what size credit union, professional image matters. This session will provide what every credit union needs to know to create value, take their training to the next level and extend their reach.

Day 2 | Wednesday, September 26

New Generation:
How to Think About
Learning & Development

Facilitated by Melissa Boyce
      Pre-approved for 1.25 general credit hours.

Technology is advancing the way new information is gathered and processed, making the status quo of "that is the way we have always done it" no longer the norm. In order to develop the next generation of credit union leaders, now is the time to embrace the way the new generation learns. Be ready to think about learning and development in ways that will engage this next generation, using the last resources available through simulations, technology and social media.

Yoga Off the Mat
Facilitated by Debbie Denyer

Most people know of the physical aspects of yoga, but few realize that yoga is rich in philosophies that guide individuals to happier and healthier lives. From reducing stress, to becoming more efficient, to improving personal and professional relationships, there is a place for yoga philosophy at both home and work. This intriguing "off the mat" session will demonstrate how to incorporate yoga principles into an every day routine to create a healthier work place for all! 

Note: The use of this seal is not an endorsement by the HR Certification Institute of the quality of the program. It means that this program has met the HR Certification Institute's criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit.



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