Sign Up for the 2012 MCULLAF Grand Raffle 

GMC Sierra     

Chevrolet Sonic

By Jordan Kingdon
MCUL & Affiliates Director of Governmental Affairs

The 2012 MCULLAF Grand Raffle is in high gear. So far, 135 credit unions have already signed up to participate, but in order to reach our industry’s 2012 PAC goals, the help of your credit union is needed.

Signing up for the Grand Raffle simply requires a participation form to be filled out and sent to MCUL. Click here to download the form from the MCUL website.

Last year, the Grand Raffle raised $168,990 toward its federal PAC goal, the largest amount in Grand Raffle history. The goal this year is for 150 credit unions to participate and sell a total 40,000 raffle tickets.

If successful, these efforts will make Grand Raffle history for the second year in a row and ensure that credit unions have a strong voice in Washington. Make sure your credit union is a part of this important fundraising program to our movement.

This year’s grand prize for the raffle is a choice between $20,000 toward the purchase of a Chevy Sonic or a GMC Sierra 1500, or $20,000 cash. The seller of the winning ticket also receives $500 cash. 

Contact MCUL & Affiliates Political Affairs Coordinator Jami Meyer at (800) 262-6285, ext. 353, or with any questions regarding the Grand Raffle program.