CU Link Campaign Helps Support Small Asset Sized Credit Unions 

By Marc Buchanan
Marketing Manager for CU Solutions Group
For 2013, nearly $2.5 million will go towards communicating the credit union value proposition throughout the state of Michigan as part of MCUL & Affiliates’ CU Link cooperative advertising campaign. Small-asset-sized credit unions with limited marketing dollars benefit from these efforts to increase awareness. For example, a $20 million asset credit union based in Alpena contributing its full share amount of just $868 benefits from nearly $43,000 in media spending in the market to help promote the credit union difference. This is the power of pooling resources together to make a bigger impact throughout the state.

Central to the 2013 campaign are three messages about Michigan credit unions and how they differ from banks:

There’s also an additional benefit to participating SAS credit unions. Take ones and posters included in CU Link marketing kits sent to each branch help supplement a credit union’s marketing efforts while minimizing costs.

If your credit union didn’t contribute for 2013, consider a contribution for 2014. For more information, visit