Gain insight in Serving Low-Wealth Families and Helping Members Prepare for Retirement – Register Now for ‘Experience! Understand! Empower!’ 

By Beth Troost
MCUF Executive Director

What do low-wealth families and Americans preparing for retirement have in common? Both have a need for financial services to help them move forward in their financial lives. Come to understand their specific needs by participating in this experiential learning activity. Attendees will leave feeling empowered to be more effective in providing credit union services that will in turn empower members to thrive financially. 

“Experience! Understand! Empower!” is set for May 15 at the Detroit Marriott at the Renaissance Center. This full-day experiential learning session will include two simulation activities and will be of interest to anyone involved in credit union product and service development and delivery including management, financial educators and counselors, and community and business development staff.  A “Life Simulation” will provide an understanding of what it is like to walk in the shoes of a low-wage working family. This experience will help participants better understand the needs of and provide better service to members who are struggling financially. The second experiential session of the day will be a  “Retirement Fair” which is an interactive activity that encourages deeper thinking into the type of lifestyle desired in retirement and consideration of how that links to personal financial plans. The Retirement Fair activity is a tool that can be utilized by credit unions to help members and consumers of all ages make better use of credit union products and services to prepare for retirement. 

Lois Kitsch, two-time Herb-Wegner Award winner and the national program director of the National CU Foundation’s REAL Solutions program, will facilitate the experiential learning sessions along with REAL Solutions Field Coach Mark Lynch. Over the past three years, Kitsch has championed experiential learning programs where students learn by doing in contrast to rote learning which results in a more profound learning experience. Through these experiential learning programs, thousands of students and consumers are better managing their finances and are building assets and wealth towards a better future.

The event is sponsored by the Michigan CU Foundation which helps to keep the cost very low, at only $55 per participant.  

Because of the experiential nature of this event, participation is capped at 75 attendees. Register now to secure a space in this training. Click here for more information and to register.