Education Calendar 

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5    Maximizing Mobile Lending Trends Audio Session
7    IRAs Audio Session
12-13    2013 Lending & Marketing Conference, Grand Rapids
12    Creating a SEG Development Plan Audio Session
14    2013 Compliance From A-Z, Grand Rapids
14    Reg CC Audio Session
20    CTRs / SARs Audio Session
26    Safe to Grow Again in 2013 Audio Session
26    BSA - Are You a "Hero" or a "Pawn?" Webinar
28    Cloud Computing: Understand What's Coming Audio Session

5    Kids Stuff: Minor Accounts Audio Session
5    Leading the 7 Dwarves - It's Tougher Than You Think Webinar
7    Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: Connecting with Members in Unique Ways Audio Session
12    Tips for Cross Selling to a Stressed Member Audio Session
14    Effective Collections Without Bruises Audio Session
15-17    2013 Spring Leadership Development Conference, Mount Pleasant
19    Employee Engagement, Rewards & Recognition Audio Session
19    2013 Regulatory Update I Webinar
21    Notary Training Webinar
26    Short Sales Audio Session
28    10 Steps to Increase Loan Opportunities Audio Session
28    Share Member Accounts Webinar

2    SAFE Act Audio Session
2    Developing The ALLL Webinar
4    Wire Fraud Audio Session
9-10    MCUL & Affiliates 2013 GAC, Lansing
9    Trouble Debt Restructuring Audio Session
16    Health Reform - PPACA Update for Employees Webinar
23    Top 10 Potentially Profitable Products of 2013 Webinar
30    ALM Interest Rate Risk Update Audio Session
30    Business Accounts Webinar