Financial Education Efforts Continue Year-Round with CUSG Growing Members Youth Sites 

By Ann Jones
CUSG Vice President of Marketing Solutions

School’s out for the summer, but the need for financial literacy knows no season. Many parents and educators struggle with how to keep kids engaged in learning over the summer months, and the Growing Members package of youth sites from CU Solutions Group offers a convenient, affordable solution.

Designed to keep kids entertained and interested while teaching critical financial literacy skills, the Youth Sites cover age-appropriate financial literacy topics for tots to teens and even the ‘tweens.

There are four different Growing Members youth sites to allow your credit union to reach whatever age group you are looking to target.

The sites are designed to be complete turnkey website content solutions and can be completely customized to meet your credit union’s needs. The sites for the three youngest age groups  include monthly updates, age-appropriate quarterly newsletters, and printed materials to enhance and accompany the online lessons.

Use technology to speak directly to kids and young adults and you’ll effectively reach out to a growing segment of the population. CUSG’s Growing Members youth sites can help you grow relationships that last a lifetime.

To find out more about Growing Members youth sites or to receive pricing information, contact or call (800) 262-6285.