MCUL Offers Special Lapel Pin Program for SAS Credit Unions 

By Kieran Marion
MCUL & Affiliates Vice President for Governmental Affairs

The annual MCULAF (state PAC) Lapel Pin campaign is the primary funding source for MCUL’s efforts to support credit union friendly candidates and create positive change for credit unions in Michigan. Because this is an election year, it is more important than ever for Michigan credit unions to be involved in PAC fundraising.

This year, MCUL is offering a simpler version of the lapel pin program to encourage SAS credit unions to participate. There is now a $25 Capitol Club pin exclusively available to SAS credit unions, with a six-month employee payroll deduction option.

This SAS-specific lapel pin program shows that every contribution counts. By participating in this program, SAS credit unions can easily reach their PAC goals and help MCUL to further the credit union industry’s political advocacy goals. It’s simple to implement and only costs a few dollars a month to participate.

The contribution and payroll deduction forms for the SAS-specific lapel pin program can be found by clicking here

SAS credit union leaders have seen the benefits of the lapel pin program firsthand.

“The lapel pin campaign is easy to administer and the easiest way for us to reach our state PAC goals,” said Jim Francis, CEO of Jackson Community FCU and MCUL board member. “I encourage other SAS CUs to also run a program to support our industry’s ongoing political efforts in Lansing and Washington.”

Wearing a MCULAF lapel pin is a symbol of personal commitment to preserving and protecting the credit union philosophy, and is recognized as such by peers in the credit union lobby and at chapter outings.

Contact Jami Meyer, MCUL & Affiliates political affairs coordinator, at (800) 262-6285, ext. 353, or with any questions regarding this program.