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Engaging the Mobile Member at Your Credit Union 

So, it’s no secret that cellphone use, especially smartphones, has been increasing year after year. Mobile is becoming a marketing standard in member engagement. Has your credit union taken the time to figure out how to best leverage the typical “mobile member?”

Financial institutions nationwide are standing up and taking notice of this continuing mobile trend. Forrester Research estimates that the financial service industry will spend about $837 million on mobile marketing in 2013. The company projects that number will grow to $1.61 billion by 2016.

Many credit unions are unsure of the best way to approach the mobile member. The marketing experts at CU Solutions Group have a few suggestions. Some of these your credit union might already utilize, others might be worth looking into:

Online applications – Since most members are looking to apply for loans online, the days of having a PDF of an application on your site for members to print, fill out and bring in are numbered. It’s time to offer online loan, credit card and membership applications. Get them while they’re interested – and make sure it’s mobile-friendly.
Mobile marketing – From banner ads to text messages, this is often an untapped resource for many credit unions. Think about including text-based contests or sweepstakes to drive member engagement.
Responsive design – Many credit unions have already jumped on the mobile site bandwagon – but it’s now time to think about how members use your website. Many move from phone to tablet to laptop and back throughout the day. Responsive design will ensure your website looks great and delivers the best member experience through all devices.

If you haven’t already, the time to engage your mobile member is now – before they decide to switch to a more mobile-friendly financial institution. For more information, call (800) 262-6285 or email

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