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Regulatory Roundup 

As 2013 comes to a close and the January deadline for the CFPB mortgage rules looms on the horizon, MCUL & Affiliates hears and understands your frustration. In an effort to assist credit unions in understanding the mortgage rules, narrow down the rules applicable to them and take the next steps necessary for your credit union to be in compliance, MCUL has put together a CFPB Mortgage Compliance resource page through the MCUL website.

This page provides a summary of MCUL and CFPB resources available to credit unions regarding the new mortgage rules. The resources include links to presentations and materials from MCUL educational events, upcoming and existing webinar opportunities, CUBE TV videos and contact information for the MCUL Compliance Helpline. This page also provides a link to each mortgage rule, which will link the credit union to another page that summarizes that particular rule and provides applicable resources to help your credit union understand the requirements of that particular rule.

With the ever-present need for assistance in a rapidly changing regulatory environment there is a need to have readily available resources for credit unions. Through the CFPB Mortgage Compliance page, MCUL has provided information in various mediums to assist credit unions in one easily accessible format.

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