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Help Quantify the Credit Union Difference 

Watch your email inbox and take action. Credit unions will soon receive a request to complete MCUL & Affiliates’ annual CRI Survey. Michigan credit unions have a story to tell about how they are very different financial service providers because of their shared values of collaboration, community involvement and dedication to their member’s financial wellbeing. But we need to put real numbers behind our message and we need your help to gather the data to tell a compelling collective story.

The CRI survey will provide the data we need to quantify the credit union difference in our annual Community Reinvestment Report. This year, the survey data will also be used for a new national report, or scorecard, to be released by the National CU Foundation showing credit union community outreach state by state. The CRI survey gathers information about your involvement in community outreach activities including financial education and counseling, volunteerism and community donations, and student scholarships. If all Michigan credit unions involved in these activities complete the report we will be sure to show a very impressive impact for our own report and for the national scorecard. 

The annual Community Reinvestment Report uses powerful community images and strong graphics with the information gathered from the survey to visually emphasize the remarkable benefits credit unions offer. This will help lawmakers understand why they should feel good about working with credit unions and protect our tax-exempt status. 

It is only by gathering information about your good works that we can quantify the credit union difference in the reports. Tell us what your credit union is doing by completing the CRI Survey by Oct. 31. Demonstrating the collective credit union impact with real numbers is the most powerful way to leverage the good deeds that credit unions do.

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