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Fourth Screen Advertising with Gas Station TV 

If your credit union is looking for an affordable alternative to broadcast advertising that still has an impact, location-based video network advertising called “fourth screen” might be a viable solution. Think of the last time you went to the movies or your gym, video networks in nontraditional venues are everywhere. According to Nielsen’s “Fourth Screen Network Audience Report,” the average audience for a primetime broadcast TV commercial was three million while the exposure in fourth screen environments was more than 35 million and at gas stations more 21 million – seven to 10 times the audience.

Advertising through companies such as Gas Station TV from CU Solutions Group lets your credit union target specific geographical areas near your branches at a cost far below traditional TV broadcast advertising and offers your credit union trackable ROI. This enables you to reach your select employee groups or any other localized segment you’re trying to reach. To learn more about Gas Station TV visit the CU Solutions Group website, email or call (800) 262-6285.

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