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Shop America: New Look, New Features 

Thanks to money-saving shopping sites such as Groupon, Living Social and Zulily, consumers expect to save when they shop online. Why not tap into this trend at your credit union?

Instead of just offering them savings, give them a chance to get cash back with each purchase. Shop America accomplishes this, but can also give your credit union the opportunity to align its credit and/or debit card promotions with it as well.

To improve your members’ shopping experience even more, Shop America has a new look and has become more user-friendly. It now features more than 1,500 online and in-store retailers that offer your members cash back for every purchase. Your members can shop from a wide range of exceptional retailers including top national brands. In addition to these new shopping opportunities, Shop America now offers 24/7 customer service support to help members with questions about the Shop America program, their purchases or their Shop America account. Click here to learn more about Shop America or to enroll in this exclusive program.

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