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Credit Union Industry Ramps Up Anti-Tax Efforts 

CUNA has launched a new advocacy site,, to assist credit union officials, volunteers, and members in keeping informed and communicating with elected officials in defense of credit unions’ historical exemption from federal income tax. The initial response has been tremendous, with more than 17,000 page views and 10,000 contacts to the Hill in the first five days of the campaign. In short order, the website will also feature a “contact counter” which will update in (almost) real time the number of total contacts delivered to Capitol Hill through the website. A CUNA Advocacy Mobile App has been “soft launched” as well for iPhone and Android-based phones, and a toll-free call in number – (877) 642-4223 – that activists can use to get talking points and then be patched directly to their senators and representatives has been set up. This provides just one more option for credit union members to contact Congress.

Both MCUL and CUNA have posted toolkit materials on their respective websites, and MCUL has posted a CapWiz communication that can be used to communicate support for the credit union tax status directly with congressional offices. More materials will be forthcoming, as well as step-by-step guides on how to extend this critical defensive campaign to credit union members. Click here to read the tax exemption CapWiz alert.

“It is time to begin this fight to defend our tax status.” MCUL & Affiliates CEO David Adams said. “The policy that will go into Congress’ comprehensive tax reform efforts is being shaped now – as an industry, we need to raise our voices now to ensure that whatever legislation emerges preserves and supports the unique structure and cooperative nature of credit unions, and our ability to continue to serve our members and communities.”

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