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Simplify the Entire End-to-End New Member Enrollment and Funding Process 

While Bank Transfer Day in 2011 gave credit unions a solid boost in their membership numbers – 2.2 million new members – some credit unions are searching for additional ways to keep the new members coming. Great rates, low fees and enticing promotions are only part of the solution to growing membership at your credit union. It might be time to take a step back to determine how easy you’re making it for new members to join.

The best place to start is to meet your members where they get their information and take action – online. How easy is it for your members to apply for membership on your credit union’s website? If you’re unsure of the answer or have no clear path for members to take, you might want to think about CU Solutions Group’s online application solutions: Xpress Membership and Xpress Lite. From I.D. verification and credit history to account funding and switch kits, Xpress Membership has you covered. For a more scaled down, turnkey and affordable option, you might want to try Xpress Lite.

For more information or to try Xpress Membership or Xpress Lite, call (800) 262-6285 or email

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