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Successful Hiring and Onboarding 

One in eight new employees failed at their job during the last 12 months, and half of new employees were disappointed with their decision to accept a job, according to Development Dimensions International’s latest global research on hiring trends.

How do you know if you are successful at selecting and onboarding your new employees? Look around you. Do you see employees who are comfortable with their job responsibilities and understand what they need to do to be successful?

Onboarding is a long-term process of bringing new employees into the credit union, making sure they know what is expected of them and how to add value. The process of onboarding can take from six months to a year. This is a period of time during which employees transition from being considered the “new person” to being a member of the team.

Hiring employees who are qualified and possess the characteristics and experience necessary for the position is the responsibility of the hiring manager and HR staffing professionals. Nearly one-third of respondents in the DDI survey cited overreliance on hiring managers’ evaluations as the top reason for hiring mistakes, while 21 percent pointed to candidates overselling their own skills. Often, soon after a candidate becomes an employee, it becomes apparent that the new hire is just not cut out for the job.

In the case of improving the success rate of new hires, a proven method to significantly improve the long-term success of new hires is to engage in pre-employment assessments that determine compatibility for a position. HRN Performance Solutions offers a range of pre-employment assessments ideal for credit union positions.

For more information, check out the HRN site website. For help reviewing and formalizing onboarding processes and procedures contact one of HRN’s certified HR consultants by clicking here.

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