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Compliance Consulting is a Must in Today’s Regulatory Environment 

Strategic Solutions can provide you with cutting edge compliance consulting services.  Allow our team of five CUCE-certified compliance consultants work with you to take away the headaches of regulatory compliance.  Discover how easy it is to take compliance off of your “worry list” with our assistance. In 2012, we helped more than 50 credit unions throughout the entire state, stay on top of today‘s compliance requirements. 

Our compliance consultants can alleviate the compliance burden directly from the shoulders of senior management. Audits and examinations can be very time consuming for management. The compliance consultants can help streamline the preparation and be available during the examination or audit to help facilitate the process by acting as liaison between the examiners and auditors, and management.

We’re experienced in helping the credit union decipher the regulatory requirements dictated in your examination and implementing the appropriate changes in the time frame allotted by the examiners.

One of our many areas of expertise is writing policies and procedure that will not only satisfy the examiners, but will also be user friendly. This insures that credit union staff can rely on them for reference and training purposes.

When launching a website, new product or service, our team can help you develop policies and procedures, training materials, and disclosures for the new product prior to deployment.

Let us assist you in staying compliant with the continual wave of new compliance and regulatory requirements. For more information, contact Mike Moyes at (734) 793-1530, ext. 520.

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