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MCUF Aims for $100,000 in Donations, Participate in Financial Literacy Legislative Challenge, Use the 2013 CRI Report 

MCUF Aims to Provide $100,000 in Support to Michigan Credit Unions in 2013
The Michigan CU Foundation is aiming to raise and provide $100,000 in funding in 2013 for credit union community outreach and employee professional development. MCUF has been assisting Michigan credit unions since 1954 with annual awards, scholarships and grants that help hundreds of credit union professionals advance and strengthen the Michigan credit union movement. The MCUF utilizes donations from credit unions, chapters and credit union business partners to provide funds and support to credit unions for educational, leadership development, community outreach and financial education activities. 

Get involved and be engaged with the MCUF.

Visit to make a donation or to explore ways the MCUF can assist your credit union and community.

Participants in the Financial Literacy Legislative Challenge will Receive a Biz Kid$ Episode and Lesson Plan
April is National Financial Literacy Month and MCUL & Affiliates is helping to pair up credit unions with lawmakers for financial education events during the 10th annual Financial Literacy Legislative Challenge. This financial literacy blitz is a cooperative effort aimed at educating young people about responsible money management throughout the month of April. The challenge builds great relationships between Michigan legislators and their constituents in the credit union community while providing students the financial skills they need. 

We’ve told our lawmakers about Michigan credit union’s commitment to financial education and we would like to invite them to participate in a financial education event with participating credit unions. As credit unions let us know they wish to participate, we coordinate a pairing with a participating lawmaker who serves their community. Once paired, credit unions communicate directly with the lawmaker’s office to schedule a joint financial education event in a school, at their credit union, or in the community.  

New this year, a Biz Kid$ episode on DVD and accompanying printed lesson plan will be provided to all participating credit unions and lawmakers to be utilized if desired for a youth presentation. Other financial education lessons and support are available from MCUL to help plan an event.  

Credit unions are encouraged to become a part of this unique and exciting effort. If you have questions or would like help planning an event, contact Beth Troost, MCUL & Affiliates financial education coordinator at (800) 262-6285, ext. 453, or at

2013 Community Reinvestment Report Shows How Credit Unions are Different
The 2013 Community Reinvestment Report is a powerful tool to show why credit unions offer a clear choice for consumers. The report is designed for use by credit unions with members of Congress, the state Legislature, credit union Board of Directors and the public. The report is available to download from the CRI Report section of the web site.

The Community Reinvestment Initiative Report uses collective data along with individual examples and photos to show how credit unions really are different and why member trust and confidence is inherit in a credit union’s not-for-profit status its dedication to the communities it serves.    

Key data in the 2013 CRI Report to advocate on behalf of Michigan credit unions shows the credit union advantage to consumers: 

The Community Reinvestment report uses data from multiple sources to create a representative picture of the engagement of credit unions in their communities.  Each year, MCUL & Affiliates sends out a CRI Survey to capture data from credit unions on topics such as community service projects and youth financial education. Surveys were completed by 116 Michigan credit unions, representing just over 60% of the credit union members in Michigan. The report also utilizes statistics from regulators including the NCUA, the FDIC, CUNA and the National Youth Involvement Board. 

Credit unions are encouraged to utilize the report within their credit union and communities to show the powerful advantages that Michigan credit unions offer consumers. 

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