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Cooperative Advertising Plans Progressing 

Fundraising for the 2013 CU Link cooperative advertising campaign is winding down, while creative production and media planning are getting under way.

Thanks to all the more than 145 credit unions that contributed to this year's campaign, which will be driven by a record of more than $1 million in credit union contributions, plus matching funds from CUcorp and a contribution of $286,000 from MCUL. Add to that another $500,000 in additional marketing support for 65 credit unions that paid full fair share, and credit unions are poised to make a significant media impact this year. In addition, $1 million in supplemental advertising funds focusing on Invest in America and business lending will be added to the media planning process to increase our buying power.

Credit unions paying full fair share for the campaign will receive a share of the $500,000 marketing incentive pool to help them integrate their marketing with the campaign. Requirements to receive the reimbursement have been updated for 2013 to ensure that incentive monies support both the credit union and the campaign.

To be eligible for reimbursement, marketing efforts should follow one of these three scenarios:

  1. Create print collateral using a CU Link design template. Templates will be free to download and you will be able to choose between postcards, statement inserts, posters, billboards, and various web and social media ads.
  2. Leverage taggable CU Link media spots for personalized radio and online videos.
  3. Collaborate with the MCUL marketing team for custom projects like custom signage, ATM wraps or anything else your marketing experts can imagine.

Messaging is an important factor in the success of the campaign. Product messages for things like auto loans and surcharge-free ATMs help consumers understand the specific value that credit unions offer in the marketplace. Media elements will focus on these messages: \

Message Radio and CU Link Website
to cover all messages
Additional Media Elements
for this Message
CU Value of Membership Radio, Website TV, Outdoor, POS
Surcharge-free ATMs Radio, Website Outdoor, Homepage, Digital, Search, POS
Loans/Refinance Radio, Website TV, Outdoor, Homepage, Digital, Search, POS
Credit Cards Radio, Website Outdoor, Digital, Search, POS
Share of Wallet Radio, Website TV, Social Media, POS
Under 25 Radio, Website Homepage, Digital, Search, Social Media
Invest in America - GM Radio, Website Homepage, Digital, Search, POS
Invest in American - Sprint Radio, Website Homepage, Digital, Search, POS
Business Loans Radio, Website Outdoor, Digital, Search, POS

For additional information on the 2013 CU Link cooperative advertising campaign, click here to visit the web page or contact your league representative.

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