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Gas Station TV: Broadcast TV Advertising at an Online Price 

In order to bring more affordable, localized advertising alternatives to credit unions, CU Solutions Group has partnered with Gas Station TV, the largest at-the-pump digital TV network. GSTV enables your credit union to advertise at the pump at local gas stations near your branches, giving you the most value per media impression. It’s broadcast advertising at an online price.

Viewers within Reach
With GSTV, your credit union will have the ability to reach its community one-on-one at gas stations close to your branches. And according to Nielsen, GSTV viewers are captive, watching and want to come back for more.

In Good Company
When your credit union advertises with GSTV you’ll get a custom-produced spot that will be in good company. Other GSTV content is from ESPN, Bloomberg TV, HLN headline news, Showbiz Tonight and AccuWeather forecasts. And you’ll find GSTV at the pumps of stations including Speedway, Shell, Exxon, Chevron and more.

GSTV in 4 Easy Steps
Your credit union spot can be on the air within two weeks of confirming your GSTV contract. Here’s how the GSTV process works:

  1. Develop – You work with a CUSG marketing consultant to develop your marketing plan and campaign.
  2. Map – We map your branch locations to the nearest GSTV gas stations.
  3. Bundle – We can bundle marketing and analytic services with your GSTV media to increase your ROI.
  4. Create – We help create your spot and GSTV programs it to play at predetermined stations.

Learn more about GSTV on the CUSG website, or with a free informative webinar.

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