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Boost Member Interaction and Reduce Costs with BoldChat 

If your credit union is looking to expand its member service access, BoldChat is a natural solution. With CU Solutions Group’s BoldChat products, you can provide that same level of quality service your members have come to appreciate right on your website:

Increase Sales
When dealing in sales (of loans, for example), human interaction can go a very long way. While browsing the products and services listed on your site, your members may have questions that they need answered before they make a decision. With BoldChat, you can answer those questions and your members won’t have to leave your site or pick up a phone.

Reduce Costs
Some of the major costs of running your credit union include phone, fax and staff. When you have BoldChat, you can use these less, lowering your operational costs.

BoldChat Products
BoldChat comes in several different versions; here they are listed from the simplest to the more complex. CUSG knows each credit union’s live chat software needs are different, but one of the following BoldChat solutions is bound to fulfill those needs:

To learn more about BoldChat, email, call (800) 262-6285 or visit the CUSG website.

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