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Cooperative Advertising, Re-affiliation Packets 

Cooperative Advertising Fund-Raising Begins
Planning and production for the 2013 CU Link cooperative advertising campaign is under way, just as the fundraising period for the 2013 media buy begins. Contributions are due by Jan. 31 and invoices are included in the 2013 Affiliation Information package that is being mailed out this week.

Progress on the new creative will be communicated through chapter meetings and CU Link Committee meetings. MCUL & Affiliates CEO David Adams is scheduled to speak at chapter meetings in the first quarter, and will include a brief summary of the campaign plan. More detailed progress reports will be made at CU Link Committee meetings, which are scheduled for:

For more information on the campaign and your credit union’s fair share contribution, please look for the affiliation package in the mail or contact your league representative at (800) 262-6285, ext. 398, or by email at

It’s Time to Re-affiliate for 2013
The MCUL & Affiliates 2013 affiliation information will be mailed out this week to credit union CEOs. The package will include a gift from MCUL & Affiliates to all credit union CEOs, as well as one funding invoice for all four annual requests: MCUL dues, CUNA dues, the CU Link cooperative advertising campaign and the Michigan CU Foundation. All payments are due on Jan. 31.

The package has detailed information on all the services and solutions offered to affiliated Michigan credit unions by MCUL and its affiliates, CUcorp and CU Solutions Group, which we hope will be a handy reference throughout the year as issues and challenges arise. Other information includes CUNA’s Power of Association brochure; details about the state and federal political action committees, MCULAF and MCULLAF; information about plans for the 2013 CU Link cooperative advertising campaign; and a summary of MCUF grants and scholarships available to credit unions.

The mailing is meant to remind all Michigan credit unions that MCUL & Affiliates works tirelessly to provide networking, advocacy and solutions to credit unions, and that your continued financial support is much appreciated and vital to the success of the credit union movement.

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