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League Gets Jump on 2013 Cooperative Advertising Plan 

Michigan’s annual cooperative advertising campaign is already gearing up for 2013 – with new creative that builds on the “Own Your Money” theme but gives consumers a stronger call to action:

“It’s time to own your money.”

The new campaign creative was developed by SMZ, an advertising agency based in Troy that was hired this summer to work on the annual statewide media campaign.
Creative is still in the development phase but was presented to credit union executives and MCUL & Affiliates board members at recent events including the Chapter Leaders Retreat, Board Retreat and Executive Summit as well as to the CU Link Committee. (As we move into a new phase of the advertising campaign, we have updated the name of the committee to reflect our new focus on the CU Link website and brand descriptor).

The new creative ties the own your money theme to practical and tangible benefits and is “disruptive and intriguing” so it will break through the constant advertising messages that consumers see all day long. For this campaign, the idea is to use a friendly tone and an animated money character giving advice about how best to take care of him.

Here’s an example from the new radio ad:

GUY: What’s so great about a credit union?
MONEY: Where do I start? At a credit union I’d get all kinds of perks – we’re talking better loan rates, lower fees, higher interest on deposit accounts ...
GUY: How can you get all that?
MONEY: When you join a Michigan credit union, you wouldn’t be just a customer, you’d be a member. That way, you’d actually own me!
GUY: So I’ll spend less of you and save more of you!
MONEY: Now you’re talkin’!
Here’s a sample outdoor billboard:
Here’s a sample lobby poster:

Other advertising tactics that are being developed for the 2013 campaign include animated television spots, online banner ads, rich media ads to target younger consumers, new website creative for, social media strategies, a new mobile website, and materials that are intended to be customized and used by individual credit unions.

League representatives are currently working to set up meetings with each chapter in October and November to preview the expanded campaign plan and answer questions. Meetings are already scheduled with several chapters:

To set up a presentation for your chapter, contact your league representative.

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