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Items Needed for Co-op Month Auction, Grand Raffle Campaign Yields Record Ticket Sales 

Items Needed for 2012 Co-op Month Online Auction
To help credit unions celebrate "Co-op Month" throughout October, MCULAF is again hosting an online auction to raise money to support the MCUL’s state PAC. MCULAF dollars assist with advocacy efforts to further credit unions’ legislative agenda in Lansing. Similar to the CMN Silent Auction at the AC&E, this is a great opportunity to purchase some nice items, have fun and help fundraise all at the same time. To make the MCULAF Online Auction a success, we need credit union leaders to help with this event by sponsoring or donating auction items. Should your credit union choose to sponsor or donate a specific item, your name along with your credit union’s name will be listed as a sponsor with that item during the auction. For additional details and to access the donation form, click here.

Grand Raffle Campaign Yields Record Ticket Sales
With less than two months remaining for ticket sales, the 2012 Grand Raffle campaign in support of the MCUL’s federal PAC “MCULLAF” is yielding impressive numbers. In 2012 a record 145 credit unions from across the state are supporting the campaign, to which 45,000 tickets have been distributed. As credit unions return their ticket stubs and proceeds to the league, preliminary numbers are indicating we may see another annual increase for 2012. The Grand Raffle campaign is a great way for Michigan credit unions to reach their annual federal PAC goal. Participating CUs order $5 raffle tickets which are then sold to CU members for a chance to win either $20,000 cash or $20,000 towards the purchase of a 2012 GM vehicle. Marketing materials are provided to make this an easy, turn-key campaign for participants. For information on the 2012 campaign or to access the ticket remittance form, click here.

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