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All 'Diamonds' on Northland Area FCU Board

The Northland Area FCU Board of Directors has completed all available training courses under the Volunteer AchievementProgram (VAP) and Volunteer Leadership Program (VLP), with each member receiving the prestigious Blue Diamond Award.

The total number of courses in each program numbers in the mid-50s, which represents a tremendous amount of personal commitment by members of our board.

Board members participate in every level in the Credit Union System and actively serve on local, chapter, state and national boards and committees. Additionally, board members participate in community activities; have a 100 percent participation rate in purchasing MCULAF lapel pins to benefit the MCUL state PAC; and are actively involved in political and governmental affairs issues, attending events such as the CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference, the NAFCU Congressional Caucus, the Chairmen's Group Roundtable Forum and Leadership Development Seminar, the MCUL Annual Convention and Exposition and numerous training sessions throughout the year.

Northland Area FCU Board members, from left, Judith Sharma, Michael Palumbo, Sheryl Grabow, Howard Spencer and Jerry Erickson.

We are charged to serve our members and we want to be prepared to do the best job possible. Our members and staff deserve nothing less. Too often volunteers are depicted as "know-nothings" who serve on boards of directors, supervisory and credit committees just to take trips to nice places and gain some prestige in their communities. Our board takes its responsibilities seriously and is dedicated to the principles of continuous improvement, life-long learning and excellence in leadership.

There are certainly other boards and other volunteers like ours. Please speak up and let others know that you're out there!

Let's get rid of these unfair negative perceptions and replace them with the positive.

Howard W. Spencer
Northland Area FCU (BO)

Editor's Note
"Regulatory compliance"
The mere phrase can be enough to induce a sharp spike on a credit union CEO's blood-pressure monitor. Keeping track of the myriad of rules, regs and laws that apply to day-to-day operations at a large, full-service credit union has become a full-time job in itself. And, if Washington and Lansing's proclivities remain unchanged — a likely assumption — few credit union positions would appear to be more secure in the foreseeable future than that of a well-trained Regulatory Compliance Officer.

The MCUL has always been in the forefront of providing its member credit unions with the information and assistance they need to comply with existing rules and regulations. And, the League also plays a critically important role in communicating with both state and federal regulators to ensure that the regulatory environment is fair and conducive to the success and growth of Michigan credit unions.

Still, that environment can be maddeningly complex and challenging. Regulatory compliance is often a moving target, and the number of targets seems to grow each year. Often times, individual credit unions need more than phone consultations or documents detailing their compliance requirements. And they need to handle their compliance duties as quickly and efficiently as possible, so that they can concentrate their energies on their most important task — serving their members.

Enter the new CUcorp Regulatory Compliance Service, a fee-based service that allows credit unions to choose from a menu of customized consulting and training that will allow them to meet their individual needs. This new service has already been featured at the MCUL Governmental Affairs Conference in March and the 2006 MCUL Annual Convention and Exposition in May.

What is this new service about? How can it benefit your credit union? And who are the professional MCUL/ CUcorp staff members bringing it to Michigan's credit union community? For the answers, check out our cover story beginning on Page 12.

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