Meet your State and Federal PAC Goals with a Casual Day Fundraiser 

Casual days have been a successful and easy way for our credit unions and chapters to meet and exceed their MCULAF (state) and MCULLAF (federal) PAC goals. Credit unions can create a payroll deduction option for the year, and employees have designated casual days, whether it be once a week or once a month. Some will announce a day or a week that is designated for a casual day and collect the money at that time. Casual day fundraisers can be designed to fit your credit union.

For a minimal contribution ($1-5) credit union staff may dress casually for a day. Money is collected and remitted to MCULAF or MCULLAF along with any necessary information for reporting purposes. This is a good way to build political awareness and teamwork among staff. Casual days take little time and provide a great way to involve the entire credit union.

In 2012, Michigan credit unions raised more than $28,800 for MCULAF and $24,700 for MCULLAF during the year simply by hosting a casual day or a casual week for credit union employees. If your credit union has a commitment to raise $25 or more per employee through the calendar year for MCULAF, each participating employee is eligible for a MCULAF State PAC Lapel Pin. The lapel pin level will match the amount that an employee has committed to for the calendar year.  To receive lapel pins for your credit union casual days, contact Melissa Osborn at or Ashley Ligon at

Click here to learn more about PAC fundraising programs and find casual day remittance forms.

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