Last Call for Cooperative Advertising Media Funds 

Fundraising for the 2013 CU Link cooperative advertising campaign is winding down so that media planning and buying can begin. If you have not made your contribution yet, please do so this week.

Contributions can be made payable to MCUL—Your DMA and mailed to:

Attention: Accounting
P.O. Box 8054
Plymouth, MI 48170-8054

During the month of March, we will be working on the media buy and production of the campaign materials, which include TV and radio spots, marketing kits, website updates and campaign guides. To see a summary of the materials that are planned, click here. Updates on campaign progress will continue to be available through Monitor and on the website.

Participation in the CU Link cooperative advertising campaign allows for a greater media presence in your media market and more advertising exposure than most credit unions can achieve on their own. It also means your credit union will be part of the largest statewide credit union awareness campaign in the country, opening up doors for member and loan growth and community awareness.

More than 140 credit unions have already contributed to this year's campaign, which will be driven by more $1 million in credit union contributions, plus $1 million in matching funds from CUcorp and a contribution of $286,000 from MCUL. Add to that another $500,000 in additional marketing support, and credit unions are poised to make a significant media impact this year. In addition, $1 million in supplemental advertising funds focusing on Invest in America and business lending will be added to the media planning process to increase our buying power.

The campaign will follow the look of the 2012 creative, strengthening the call to action from “Own Your Money” to “It’s Time to Own Your Money” and updating the CU Link website URL to Click here to see the 2012 versions of the TV spots.

For additional information on the 2013 CU Link cooperative advertising campaign contact your league representative.

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