Time to Sign Up for Save to Win, SaveUp 

Fall is here which means another year of Save to Win is right around the corner. Going into the fifth year of the Save to Win program, some exciting changes have been made to continue the current success and growth of the program.

First, the prize structure has changed for next year. Six grand prizes of $10,000 each will be awarded at the end of the program year in February 2014. MCUL & Affiliates will also award between 50 and 75 prizes of $50 each month. Credit unions interested in participating in the 2013 program will contribute a per-entry fee that will help fund the prize pool totaling $100,000.

Second, a new product, SaveUp, has been added to the roster of innovative products that the MCUL is now offering to affiliated credit unions. SaveUp is a unique member rewards program, designed to incent members to save money and pay down debt. Members earn credit for each positive behavior and use those credits to play games and win a variety of prizes. The SaveUp program is complementary to the Save to Win share certificate.

SaveUp recently partnered with CU Solutions Group, an affiliate of the MCUL, to bring this new innovative product to Michigan credit unions. After a successful pilot conducted by the Filene Research Institute, which also helped create the Save to Win product, SaveUp is currently being offered to credit unions nationwide.

Credit unions interested in participating in Save to Win and SaveUp will receive special pricing discounts for participating in both programs. To learn more about SaveUp contact your league representative. Contact Jessica Demorest at Jessica.Demorest@mcul.org for more information about Save to Win.

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