Credit Union Allies Prevail in Michigan Elections 

MCUL is pleased to report that the vast majority of credit union-friendly candidates won their races at the federal and state levels this election cycle.

Heading into the elections, the MCUL Board of Directors and the MCULLAF/MCULAF Board of Trustees endorsed Sen. Debbie Stabenow, who won handily over challenger Pete Hoekstra. The boards also supported all of the prevailing incumbents in the U.S. House, as well as newcomers Dan Kildee and Kerry Bentivolio. Both newcomers were successful, and Kildee will take the seat vacated by his uncle, Rep. Dale Kildee. Bentivolio won the right to succeed former Rep. Thaddeus McCotter next January, but not before Democrat David Curson heads to Washington this fall to serve out the remainder of Rep. McCotter’s current term, having defeated Bentivolio in that concurrent special election. 
Aside from that special election, MCUL & Affiliates CEO David Adams said it is significant to note that this was a perfect endorsement-to-election ratio for the state’s federal lawmakers.

“I wish to thank our credit union industry for its support of MCUL and CUNA and for the individual credit union leaders’ support for our political action funds, MCULAF and MCULLAF,” Adams said. “Your money was well-spent during this election cycle, as most of the federal and state candidates supported by the MCUL did win their bids for election or re-election.”

At the state level, the Republican majority in the state House was trimmed from 64-46 to 59-51. The MCULLAF/MCULAF Board of Trustees endorsed 73 candidates, including 18 open seats and 55 incumbents. Five of those incumbents were ousted, but each of the 18 supported open-seat candidates won their election bids. 
The number of defeated incumbents was unusually high, but Adams said that can be attributed in part to a strong Democratic performance at the top of the ticket, changes in districts due to decennial redistricting, and an over-performance by Republican candidates in 2010. 

Despite those few losses, the trustees and MCUL staff are rightly proud of a 100% endorsement to election ratio with new candidates, and a 93% success rate overall for state House candidates.

Adams said that with the election now over, MCUL will continue to focus on regulatory relief, with the top priority being the push to raise the credit union member business lending cap.

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