Tax Preparation Discounts + Your Credit Union = A Winning Combination 

If you’re thinking of offering your members a discount on tax preparation, it makes sense to go with two of the biggest names out there: TurboTax and Jackson Hewitt.

Invest in America’s partnerships with TurboTax and Jackson Hewitt will not only help your members save money during the tax season, but will also bring numerous benefits to your credit union as well.

How TurboTax and Jackson Hewitt Can Benefit Your Credit Union*

Help Your Members Save
Depending on your credit union’s participation level, your members could receive the following discounts:

Free Turnkey Marketing Materials
To help make these discounts a success at your credit union, Invest in America and CU Solutions Group have created free marketing materials for you to use.

Let us show you what Invest in America’s tax preparation services can do for your credit union. Contact your league representives at

*Source: Inuit Tax Year 2008 Online Survey of users who purchased TurboTax through a FI (n = 16,920).
**$5/$10/$15 discount applies to “Promoter” participation level. Credit unions selecting the “Participant” level will receive a discount of $5 off Federal Deluxe Online only.
***Offer valid for tax prep fees paid of $150 or more. Proof of last year’s tax prep fee required.


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