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Multimedia Information Site

It wasn’t too long ago that watching a video online was unusual and cumbersome, but widespread access to high-speed Internet has opened up a new world of visual communication. Anybody with a camera and a computer can exchange ideas or share their thoughts through picture and sound using sites like YouTube. Many companies are also finding video to be a great way to bring a “wow” factor to their communications. 

The MCUL, in cooperation with CU Village, created and launched CUBE TV™ in an effort to provide the credit union community with news, information and training content, all from a slightly different angle; hence – CUBE TV™.

Through CUBE TV™, visitors can watch CU National Update, a weekly webcast focusing on credit union news from across the country; the Michigan Priority Report, a monthly Michigan-specific webcast that discusses important credit union topics and programs; video podcasts with industry leaders; special reports, and training videos. Each sub-section of videos is housed in their own “channel,” and will bring unique credit union content not found anywhere else on the Web. Additionally, credit unions will be able to embed CUBE TV™ videos into their own Web sites, much like YouTube, so their members can also view programs.  

“The idea behind CUBE TV was to deliver timely and valuable information to credit unions in a more creative way,” said MCUL President/CEO David Adams. “We have great content expertise at MCUL/CUcorp. With more affordable multimedia technology, we can now deliver news, information and certain training topics through this more entertaining medium.”

The news content on CUBE TV™ will be derived from a collaboration between the MCUL public affairs department and CU Village. The CU National Update is hosted by MCUL Director of Public Affairs Mike Bridges, and will cover legislative issues, regulatory updates and other important credit union information. For Bridges, a former television news anchor in Kalamazoo, the jump to broadcasting news for credit unions was a natural one.

The Michigan Priority Report, hosted by Adams, is an accompaniment to the MCUL’s “Issues, Initiatives and Solutions” publication, and will summarize the top priorities of the MCUL and what is being done to address important issues that affect the credit union community, as well as the most valuable programs and services available to credit unions.

The Industry Leaders channel will house video podcasts between Adams and credit union CEOs and lawmakers. The Special Reports channel will be updated with video reports from summits, conferences and major events. The CU Campus channel will offer training and insights on credit union topics and issues. 

“We want CUBE TV to be the place credit unions turn for the latest developments in the industry that affect them, analysis of credit union issues and valuable education that can benefit credit union staff, from CEOs to tellers,” Adams said. “The MCUL is committed to delivering quality content that covers both national and Michigan-specific credit union topics. I think credit unions will be impressed with the look of the video player and how easy it is to use.

“It’s our hope that they will begin to utilize it regularly for credit union-related news,” Adams added. “We may also see credit unions wanting to stream the video content through their own Web sites for members in some cases as well as internally for informing staff and volunteers.”

Michigan credit unions received their first look at the CUBE TV™ concept with the MCUL’s “Live from CUNA GAC” video reports in March, 2008. Bridges filed four reports from Washington, D.C. showcasing the CUNA GAC experience as well as going inside the Michigan delegation’s lobbying efforts. The reports generated more than two-thousand hits in five days.       

“The MCUL has quickly come a long way from when we first began to dabble in video technology in 2007 – taping clips of lawmaker visits, student branch openings, committee hearings and other events,” Adams added. “We’re pleased that we have been able to collaborate with CU Village on CUBE TV, which should be of real value to all credit unions in a number of ways. We’ve also worked hard to create a right-brained, innovative culture at MCUL/CUcorp so that we can leverage our staff’s expertise using this now very affordable technology.” 

If you would like more information on CUBE TV™, visit or e-mail Mike Bridges at

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