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Michigan Credit Union League Home » Information Services » Publications » Contact » 2009 » 1st Quarter » MCUL /CUcorp Facility Changes  

New MCUL Facilities Create
Prominent Lansing Presence

By Bryan Dahl
MCUL Information Serivices Coordinator

The State Capitol is a short walk from the new MCUL Headquarters in Lansing.

CUcorp and CU Village staff will find a new home in 27 months

Serving as a constant reminder to lawmakers, regulators and power-brokers, the words “Michigan Credit Union League” have risen into the Lansing skyline. The top of the ten story building at 101 South Washington Square, just a block from the Capitol Building, is now adorned with MCUL signage on all sides. Even at night the heart of downtown Lansing is lit with the glow of the MCUL logo. It’s a part of MCUL and Affiliates’ strategic facility changes designed to create a stronger Lansing presence, and after exploring locations in the Lansing and Detroit areas and coordinating the sale of the old Michigan Credit Union League/CUcorp headquarters in Plymouth Twp, the arrangements were made and the moves were completed in December.

Detroit Edison CU purchased the Plymouth office and has moved their headquarters to this location, while the MCUL headquarters is now located in the “financial district” of Lansing’s downtown area, kitty-corner from Comerica Bank. MCUL has moved most Association Services staff into the 6,800 square foot ninth floor of the new building, and MCUL plans to utilize the tenth floor as a studio for CUBE TV operations.

“Between MCUL and its affiliates, money will be saved each year due to these facility changes,” said MCUL/CUcorp President and CEO David Adams. “This cost savings will help assure financial stability and prosperity for our organizations, while keeping member dues at some of the lowest levels of any credit union league or association in the country. It will allow our services and products to continue to expand and better assist Michigan credit unions.”

In addition to the more prominent Lansing presence, certain MCUL/CUcorp administrative functions and all CUcorp and CU Village operations have moved one mile north to a new office on 7 Mile Road, just off of the I-275, 7 Mile Road ramp. This office serves as temporary quarters for approximately 75 staff. The temporary location will be occupied for about 27 months, during which CUcorp will begin plans for a more permanent facility in the Detroit metro area.

“MCUL and Affiliates have effectively managed operating costs and invested prudently over the years, which has put us in a position to continue operating at a high level even during tough economic times,” Adams said. “We remain able to serve members and customers in ways that are helpful and relevant in this challenging economy, and simultaneously raise the profile of credit unions with the new MCUL Lansing location that is in plain sight for lawmakers and consumers. MCUL and CUcorp, much like many Michigan credit unions, continue to do well in challenging conditions.”

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