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League Services

As a member of the Michigan Credit Union League (MCUL), the assistance you need to train staff, solve operational problems or comply with regulations is just a phone call away. The MCUL offers your credit union 40 full-time professionals at your disposal - regulatory specialists, media specialists, education and training professionals, management experts and lobbyists - for less than the salary of one professional staff person.

As a League member, your credit union shares the cost of these products and services with every other member credit union. And, since the MCUL membership is also ownership, you have a say in everything your League does.

League membership is your access to the talent and experience of MCUL staff - experts in their fields, working only to serve you. Combined with the broad resources of the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), MCUL membership is a bargain no Michigan credit union can afford to be without.

Credit unions are unique in the world of financial institutions. Yours is a special calling and you have equally special needs. Small credit unions, large credit unions, state charters, federal charters - all need the assistance and combined strength that only an organization like the League can provide.

38695 W. Seven Mile Road
Suite 200
Livonia, MI 48152-7097
Nationwide: 800-262-6285
Local: 734-793-1530
Fax: 734-793-1540

League Services at a Glance

League Representative
Every credit union needs outside assistance from time to time - for advice, for a review of business practices or just for a second opinion. Maybe you're hiring a new manager or changing your lending policies. Maybe you're expanding your field of membership, adding new services or planning a new building. In any case, you need to know that you're on the right course. The question is, how can you be sure?

There's no need to venture into unfamiliar territory alone.  League Representatives are experienced in credit union operations, from teller work and lending, to management and policymaking.  At your request, League Representatives will also attend board meetings to help formulate policy, review procedures, or conduct a credit union planning conference.

Every credit union needs strategic planning. The future will always be uncertain, but through strategic management, you can be ready to adapt to whatever tomorrow may bring.

Strategic management services include programs for budgeting, asset/liability management, business plans, managing capital, cost and profitability diagnosis and product costing, which identifies opportunities for improving profitability. Workshops are also offered to reduce vulnerability to changing interest rates and to help you prepare a budget.

Legislative Advocacy
League membership fees provide you political advocacy at both the state and national level. The League has long had a strong and respected voice in the halls of government and every credit union belonging to the League benefits from this reputation.

Based in Lansing, the Government Affairs staff serves as the League's front-line lobbyists to the Michigan State Legislature, the Financial and Insurance Services Bureau and other state executive branch agencies. On the national level, Government Affairs' staff consult and work cooperatively with the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) and lobbyists in Washington, DC. They also interface directly with Michigan's Congressional delegation, the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and other federal regulatory agencies.

League staff members work closely with government officials and their aides to advocate credit union positions on legislative and regulatory affairs and work closely with the other MCUL/CUcorp staff and credit union officials to analyze pending legislation, determine its effect on credit unions and develop appropriate lobbying strategies.

The Government Affairs staff also serves as primary liaison to the MCUL's Legislative Forum, the League's state and federal political action committees, MCULAF/MCULLAF, and the MCUL Government Affairs Committee. These groups are involved in educating credit union officials on legislative issues, implementing fund-raising programs and other political action initiatives, organizing conferences and meetings, and receiving input on issues of concern to credit unions, and formulating policy positions for MCUL Board consideration.

As credit union advocates, League staff monitor legislation, build open and productive relationships with elected officials, and ensure that credit union views are known and addressed.

Lansing Office Map

101 S. Washington Square
Suite 900
Lansing, MI 48933
Phone 800.262.6285
Fax: 517.482.3762

Regulatory Compliance Assistance
The MCUL's Regulatory Affairs (RA) staff assists Michigan credit unions in complying with appropriate federal and state regulations governing credit union operations. Government agencies, such as the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), Michigan's Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation (OFIR), and the Federal Reserve Board require daily monitoring for developments, rulings and other changes that will impact on credit unions. RA staff keeps a constant eye on the regulatory environment to ensure that Michigan credit unions are made aware in a timely manner of new developments.

Besides disseminating information on proposals and new rules, the RA staff is prepared to interpret and analyze the effects of these changes on credit unions. Whenever government agencies request comment on more important proposed rule changes, RA staff will also seek member credit union participation in the regulatory comment process.

RA staff will make every effort to translate technical jargon into everyday English. Once proposed rules become actual regulations, the RA staff will advise member credit unions of the changes in a variety of ways. An important tool that houses the various releases and provides summaries of new laws and regulations is InfoSight, an online compliance database available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. InfoSight provides easy reference for credit union personnel at all levels, from the busy CEO to the compliance officer in need of more in-depth information.

In addition to monitoring the regulatory environment and providing written compliance materials for credit union personnel to utilize, the Compliance Helpline (formerly R&I) is available to member credit unions to assist with compliance and operational questions. For matters requiring legal assistance, the Preferred Lawyer Program is available through the Helpline or directly through a page on the MCUL Web site. Finally, for more complex situations requiring in house assistance, the Regulatory Compliance Consulting service is available on a fee basis in a variety of areas including the Bank Secrecy Act, Compliance Officer Training, Policy Customization, Web site Review and Disaster Recovery review. To learn more about the RA department, review current compliance news and read about the various services available, please visit the Compliance page of the MCUL Web. 

Public Affairs 
In the never-ending discourse for public opinion, with so many channels and outlets of information, the media play a critical role. Against the continuing assault from the banking industry, our strength is the unflagging support of our members. While our best tool is the good service offered by credit unions, we need communications to engage and mobilize that popular people power.

The MCUL uses media in many ways; public information, media relations, publications, cooperative advertising and special events. All work together to make your views known to the public and to promote a better public understanding of credit unions. As in the legislative arena, the League has nurtured a strong relationship with the media and has come to be trusted as a source of reliable information about Michigan credit unions and other consumer and financial matters.

The MCUL works closely with the media to spread the good news about credit unions and to set the record straight promptly when the reports are wrong. Individual credit unions facing their own media and public relations challenges can call on the League for direct assistance. Staff also fosters credit union community involvement and youth financial literacy, and works to secure the future of the movement by promoting membership to Michigan credit unions.

To be successful in today's rapidly changing world, you need to stay informed. Access to up-to-the-minute information is critically important in making informed decisions and formulating sound policy. The League's website is updated on a continuous basis, and MCUL's Michigan Monitor and Contact magazines are indispensable tools in keeping Michigan credit unions on top of the news and events. On a monthly basis, the Michigan Priority Report, including MCUL CEO viewpoints and commentary, delivers a comprehensive, in-depth look at the issues, initiatives and solutions impacting you and the credit union movement in Michigan.

Michigan Monitor, the MCUL's weekly e-newsletter, focuses on the "hard news" and late-breaking information you need to help run your credit union. Each weekly edition focuses on industry, regulatory and legislative developments and how they impact credit unions. In general, each edition addresses the questions, "What's happening right now?" and "How does it affect me?"

The award-winning Contact Magazine provides more in-depth coverage and analysis of current events and industry initiatives. Published quarterly, each edition covers a range of issues from technical, legislative and regulatory information to features and human-interest stories. Standard fare includes letters to the editor, editorial opinions, answers to legal and regulatory questions, profiles of newsworthy people and credit union events and milestones.

As is the case with most MCUL services, Michigan Monitor,Contact Magazine and Michigan Priority Report are provided to credit unions as part of your association membership fee. All member credit union chief executive officers and chief elected officials receive individually addressed copies of the MCUL publications. Extra complimentary copies for additional staff and volunteers are available upon request. Click here to read Monitor online.

CU Difference Campaign
It's crucial that credit unions continue to promote their shared brand to the public and reinforce the benefits of membership. That's the idea behind the CU Difference Campaign, formerly the Cooperative Advertising Campaign.  The League provides Michigan CUMA funding and staff support each year to develop credit union ad campaigns which regional credit union groups use in their local newspapers, radio and television stations.

Supporting chapter and regional advertising programs is a powerful supplement to every participating credit union's advertising program. It's an effective way of assuring that the credit union message reaches the widest possible audience. Every year, nearly 300 Michigan credit unions invest in cooperative advertising, pooling their resources to heighten the visibility of Michigan credit unions.

The theme for the 2011 campaign is "Own Your Money," continuing the highly successful theme from 2010's record-setting advertising campaign. Collateral materials are available to credit unions in order to leverage the shared brand marketing in your own local market campaigns.

MCUL/CUSG and Technology Advocacy
Developed and maintained by the MCUL Information Systems staff, the MCUL/CUSG Web site (www.mcul.org) has received over 2 million visits since its inception in 1996. It serves an as excellent information source for both Michigan credit unions and consumers alike. On the credit union side, members of the MCUL can access resources such as Michigan Monitor and the Compliance Management System, communicate with MCUL staff, register for the latest education event and communicate with peers in electronic forums. On the consumer side, consumers can find a credit union to join, get money management tips from our library of Your Money Matters articles and contact their government representatives on the latest issues affecting credit unions. Through education, publications, the Internet, task forces and committees, the MCUL continues in assisting credit unions whenever important technology issues such as these arise.

Michigan Credit Union Foundation
The Michigan Credit Union Foundation invests in the future of the credit union movement. The Foundation provides scholarships for smaller asset sized credit unions to attend Credit Union System sponsored training events, thus assuring that there will always be a corps of well-trained volunteers and professionals ready and able to guide credit unions into the future. Funds come from donations by credit unions, chapters, and Credit Union System partners through an annual fundraising campaign and other efforts throughout the year.

The Foundation recognizes a credit union "Community Volunteer" annually based on his or her history of community service and awards a substantial scholarship to a recipient of the honoree's choosing. In recognition of world-wide credit union development efforts, a new award, called the "International CU Development" award has been developed. The winner is recognized at the Annual Convention & Exposition. Through a unique partnership with the National Credit Union Foundation, the Michigan Credit Union Foundation supports credit union development worldwide by underwriting training materials, operating equipment and field services, just to name a few.

Michigan credit unions have always been among the most generous in the nation in supporting credit union education and development and the fact that Michigan is one of the strongest credit union states in the nation is no coincidence. It's the direct result of "taking care of our own." To learn more about the foundation, click here

In today's fast-paced and highly competitive financial environment providing responsive and efficient service to members is critical to the success and longevity of your credit union. Credit unions need a well-trained and knowledgeable team in place to effectively provide the kind of service that keeps members coming back. The League is committed to providing timely, in-depth education and training to member credit unions. Over the years our programs have evolved to meet the myriad of challenges credit unions face in today's financial marketplace.

The League's Education & Events Department develops and delivers statewide education programs to front-line staff, management and board members. Our programs address important operational issues such as lending, collections, compliance, marketing, finance, human resources, member service and director responsibilities. Education is delivered to credit union staff through a variety of mediums including traditional one and two-day speaker facilitated sessions, weekend conferences, video conferences, audio conferences and Web-based training seminars.

The Education & Events Department also works in cooperation with the Credit Union National Association (CUNA) to provide Michigan credit unions with the training modules available through the Staff Training and Enrichment Program (STAR), the Management Enrichment Training Program (MERIT), the Volunteer Achievement Program (VAP), and the Volunteer Leadership Program (VLP). These certificate programs can be delivered in a number of ways, including self-study and classroom training. The Education & Events staff assists credit unions and chapters with planning educational programs and events, identifying speakers and reviewing training curriculum.
For information on educational events, products and custom training opportunities, click here.


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