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Just File It!

In November 2005, the Michigan credit union community embraced a new program that has provided millions of Michigan families an affordable alternative to income tax filing companies and high interest refund anticipation loans. These services often charge excessive fees and onerous interest rates at the expense of those who can least afford it.

Dubbed the “Just File It! We’ll Help! Campaign,” the initiative finds credit unions offering tax filers free resources to complete their state and federal income tax returns. Filers simply need to visit a participating credit union's Web site to complete their tax forms online. The process is fast, easy and free. The Just File It! We’ll Help! initiative puts power and control back in the hands of the filer. Just File it! is a REAL Deal for consumers across the state when filing their taxes.

To view a list of credit unions participating in the Just file it! program, please click here.

The Just file it! We’ll help. program statistics for the last 3 years clearly show the success of the program for residents of the state.

Tax year Program year Number of Credit Unions Number of credit union filers Total number of filers
2005 Year 1: 2006 33 155 230
2006 Year 2: 2007 59 807 2291
2007 Year 3: 2008 86 1873 7749
2008 Year 4: 2009 102 4533 5425


Program Year Federal Refunds Earned Income Tax Credit State Refunds Total State and Federal Refunds and Credits
Year 1: 2006 $ 464,405 $    298,260 $ 76,396 $ 540,801
Year 2: 2007 $ 2,488,507 $ 1,029,142 $ 483,781 $ 2,972,288
Year 3: 2008 $ 8,795,984 $ 2,305,086 $ 3,467,345 $ 12,263,329
Year 4: 2009 $ 7,211,556 $ 1,384,280 $ 1,135,347 $ 10,380,522

Why Credit Unions Are Helping

The Michigan credit union community, through its broad geographic and socioeconomic reach, can serve as an effective catalyst for low and moderate income families and individuals to access much needed tax credits. These credits can significantly increase the income available to working people, either by providing refunds up to a maximum dollar amount or by decreasing the amount of taxes due to the IRS. The federal income tax benefits alone can be as great as $4,824 for individuals or families with two children who are married and earning less than $41,646. This year low and moderate income wage earners are, for the first time, earning a State Earned Income Tax Credit. This year those using Just file it! will file for this new state tax credit which will equal 10% of their federal EITC for 2008 and in the future will equal 20% of their federal Earned Income Tax Credit(EITC).

It’s money that families can use to put food on the table… move into better housing… invest in education… save for the future... and contribute back to the community.

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