Mission: To help credit unions respond to a growing regulatory burden by providing effective advocacy, information, education and assistance services from inception to implementation.

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Implementing new statutory and regulatory compliance requirements is a challenge in many ways from making changes to policies and creating new procedures, to evaluating new risks to setting up effective controls and monitoring systems. While there is no single approach that fits all credit unions due to the broad variance of size and scope of each operation, there often is an overlap.

MCUL provides different products and services to assist credit unions in the implementation effort. For more immediate compliance and operational questions, free assistance is available through the Compliance Helpline. For more involved matters, HRN’s shared staffing and consulting services are available. Policies covering compliance matters, HR matters and governance matters are available through subscription, bundled or individual purchase options. A limited number of free policies are also available through InfoSight. MCUL intends to continue to develop new products and services to be more responsive to compliance needs. For more information visit the links below.

MCUL Compliance Helpline. This call-in service is available free of charge for compliance and operational questions of a more immediate nature.
Staff Contact: sarah.stevenson@mcul.org
Phone 1-800-262-6285 Ext 494

Policy Manuals and Programs. A variety of board policies are available on a subscription, bundled or individual purchase basis. These policies are reviewed and updated as needed semi-annually.
Contact: Jessica Strasser at jessica.strasser@cucorp.com

Shared Staffing – Compliance Resources MCUL & Affiliates offers fee-based consulting and shared staffing for compliance matters.
Contact: Jessica Strasser at jessica.strasser@cucorp.com

Free Model Policies via InfoSight (Password required) A certain number of board policies are available free of charge through League InfoSight.

Compliance Listserv. A new service for affiliated credit unions that creates a compliance networking forum for peer to peer interaction. Click here to sign up.

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