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January 7       
What to Know About New CFPB Requirements
Rob Rutkowski

Join this discuss of the latest developments concerning the upheaval arising from the sweeping changes to mortgage lending law and where credit unions stand. The presentation will cover High Costs Mortgages from all aspects including the new Ability to Repay rules, appraisals, servicing and qualified mortgages. This session will provide the latest information to credit unions concerned about the new mortgage lending rules as created by the CFPB.

January 9   
Inside New NCUA Regulation Changes
Rob Rutkowski

While the CFPB continues to crank out new regulations daily, the NCUA has a long established system of reviewing existing regulations and opining on new ones. This insightful presentation covers the new NCUA Risk Management Expectations, new NCUA approaches to credit union boards, the newest focus points of NCUA examinations, new liquidity requirements and other hot issues that NCUA has reviewed or will be reviewing.

January 23       
Social Media: Controls and Risk Management
Randy Romes

Social media channels continue to become more and more pervasive. Members expect a credit union to have a social media presence, and staff expects to be able to not only participate, but also maintain their own personal social media channels. This session will examine risks related to social media and controls to manage and mitigate those risks. Participants will leave with strategies to enact and/or enhance their credit unions current risk management posture.

February 4
How to Prepare a Credit Union Budget
Webinar: SAS Credit Union Series
Dan Mahalak

Session details to be announced.

March 18
Effective Business Development for SEGS
Josh Allison

It is essential to plan out, prepare for and track all business development efforts. In this workshop, participants will learn how to develop a workable business plan, develop goals that align with their credit unions strategic objectives and learn how to measure, track and present their efforts. At the end of this session, individuals will leave with a proven and tried business development business plan, a thorough understanding of what and how to track and ideas for starting or improving a community partner program.

March 20
SEG Inreach: Steps to Creating Advocates
Josh Allison

Credit unions may have a SEG list, but when was the last time a call was made to a company on the list? What should be said? Where is the best place to start? In this session, Josh shares his story of starting from scratch and rebuilding a community partner program into a vibrant outreach vehicle. He will provide strategies needed to develop mutually beneficial relationships with new and existing SEGs using Dunay’s four C’s of business development: content, connection, communication and conversion.

April 10
Mergers:  Propositions, Examiners and Beyond
Rob Rutkowski

This presentation covers the merger process in detail, identifying recent merger trends in the credit union movement and projecting how things will look in the near future. Attendees will learn about the NCUA merger process and will be shown what is required by the NCUA to successfully complete a merger, as well as traps to avoid such as Hart Scott Rodino filings and due diligence pitfalls.991.

April 22

The Impact of CFPB Changes
Webinar: SAS Credit Union Series

Rob Rutkowski

The focus of this session is to help attendees better understand the holistic way small credit unions are being regulated by the NCUA by its new small credit union initiatives, which fall under the new CFPB rules affecting all aspects of credit union regulation. The session will include a discussion of the new mortgage rules and how it impacts small asset size credit unions.

May 13       
Tips for Increasing Non-Interest Income
Webinar: SAS Credit Union Series

Shari Storm

Is implementing a statement fee a good strategy for increasing income? Is there a way to determine if a credit union is getting the most from an overdraft protection program? What other fees can help a credit union’s bottom line and would be considered fair and reasonable to members? Learn what one credit union did to increase their non-interest income by tens of thousands of dollars each month.

Attendees will find answers to these questions:

-    What are the key things to remember when shaping a fee philosophy?
-    How would members respond to a statement fee?
-    What are some things that can be done to manage overdraft fees?
-    What are other fees credit unions should be considering?
-    What other innovative services are credit unions offering that could increase non-interest income?

June 24       
Allowance and Provision for Loan Loss
Webinar: SAS Credit Union Series   

Dan Mahalak

Session details to be announced soon.

July 10
Enhancing Ledger Efficiencies: ALM and More
Sean McDonald

For credit unions these days, regulations, computations, calculations and examinations are par for the course.  This session will provide useful information on enhancing ledger efficiencies.  Topics to be discussed include improving asset-liability management, containing costs and effectively managing key ratios and performance goals.

July 29
Real Estate Lending
Glory Ledu & Shawn Wolbert

How will credit unions meet the new periodic training requirement for loan originators in the Truth in Lending Act? Credit unions are now required to ensure their loan originators receive training covering federal and state law requirements that apply to their loan origination activities. Join in for this webinar to discuss those state and federal regulations impacting credit union's most common real estate lending practices.

August 7
Creating and Operating a Successful E-Branch
Sean McDonald

There can be no doubt that the popularity of mobile and electronic banking continues to rise.  For many credit unions, there will be a demand in the not-so-distant future for virtual or e-branches.  Everything will be done online or through mobile.  This session goes beyond why online and mobile technology is important. Instead it discusses the building blocks of a successful e-branch, the risk factors involved and the functionality of doing business in the online world. 





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