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Handouts for Marketing Sessions


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Tuesday, February 18
Marketing Keynote
  Understanding Gen Y:
More Than Just Delivery Channels & Social Media

     Jim Kasch
Many credit unions need to attract and serve a younger membership demographic. Unfortunately, many of these same credit unions believe that providing some electronic delivery methods and having a Facebook page will accomplish this. To truly succeed in serving this growing consumer base, product development, pricing, communications, education, service delivery and more must be evaluated and improved. Get a first-hand look at the major areas requiring attention to develop a Gen Y membership relationship, with results supported by the CEO of Darden Federal Credit Union in Florida, where 90% of potential members are younger than 45 years old.
Morning Breakout Sessions  
  Gen Y: A More Focused Look
     Jim Kasch
Gen Y is sometimes known as “Gen Why?” due to their inquisitive and challenging nature. Parents, employers and educators can get frustrated with this, interpreting this as a questioning of authority. Discover how credit unions and member service representatives can embrace this nature and shape conversations to become the trusted advisers these consumers are seeking. Gen Y does not respond to traditional marketing methods, so the best opportunity to “sell” to these members is one-on-one, using personal interactions to initiate relationships. This presentation offers specific strategies on shaping communications that are impactful for this audience, technology channels for dialogue and an understanding of how Gen Y is a social class who incessantly share with each other. Get a more focused look at Gen Y and ways to be included in their conversation.

Fuel Credit Union Marketing With New Media
     Diane Knudson
A recent report from Mashable indicates 44% of direct mail is never opened, 86% of people skip commercials, 91% unsubscribe from emails and that 200 million have signed up for the 'Do Not Call' list. The new media buzzwords are PPC, SEO, Remarketing, Content Marketing, Responsive Design and Marketing Automation, and these buzzwords can help credit unions grow and work hard. Believe it or not, this new media is a fundamental shift in how organizations get their message out to consumers – and it effectively means that marketers are no longer in control of the conversation – consumers are, and they want content delivered to them that is interesting, relevant and immediate. Start accomplishing all of this, along with the right message, by learning how to fuel credit union marketing with the right new media tools and overall strategy that will provide short- and long-term benefits.
Afternoon Breakout Sessions
  Improving the Bottom Line by Serving a Sponsor
     Jim Kasch
Traditionally, credit unions view their sponsors as only vehicles to deliver potential members, and they have established relationships with employers based on the credit union delivering “no-cost” benefits to the sponsor’s employees. Over time, this message has shifted from “no-cost” to “no-value” for the sponsors and many now view the credit union as a non-entity or nuisance. Instead, credit unions must establish their relationship with the sponsor as a business partner. Hear first-hand examples of how credit unions across the country have developed these service-provider relationships with sponsors, and how those relationships have yielded significant benefits to the credit union.
Competition, Products and Beyond:
How Research Can & Should Influence Marketing

What is happening in the Michigan financial marketplace when it comes to product placement, marketing and pricing? What other products and services traditionally offered by banks and credit unions are other competitors offering? MCUL & Affiliates has commissioned a research study that delves into these topics and more, allowing current data and statistics not available from other sources to be shared with attendees. CU Solutions Group digs into the research to show you how well credit unions measure up to the competition and identify key areas for marketing improvement.

Growing From the Inside Out
     Celeste Cook
What can credit unions do to capture more quality profitable loans? Grow from the inside out! How? Create a compelling brand and integrate innovative marketing strategies to maximize existing relationships and attract new loans and new members. Get ready to explore proven branding and marketing strategies that have created a strong brand identity for successful credit unions and transformed their culture resulting in substantial increased loan growth and profitability.
Compliance Risks in Social Media Advertising
     Steven Van Beek
The FFIEC recently finalized 'Consumer Compliance Risk Management Guidance for Social Media' indicating there are no exceptions to the advertising disclosure requirements when advertising in social media. In other words, credit unions operating in social media must follow the (often outdated) advertising rules designed for print, radio or TV ads. Plus, additional regulatory focus on unfair or deceptive advertising means additional risk for credit unions. This session will walk through common compliance issues when advertising in social media and highlight when and why specific disclosures are triggered. 
Wednesday, February 19
Marketing Keynote

Multiple Streams of Traffic
     Michael Tasner
Leveraging different traffic sources to drive sales, leads and traffic is essential. What would happen if one of these wells were to run dry?  What would happen if Google evaporated over night?  Would credit unions be left in the dust, or would they be able to weather the storm? Most businesses put way to many of their marketing tactics into one basket, and while this makes sense if things are going well, diversity remains a key. Get best practices and tips to quickly identify which traffic sources should and should not be used to develop and sustain the best streams of traffic.
Morning Breakout Sessions
  A New Video Era
     Michael Tasner
YouTube.com is not only the second most popular search engine in the world, it is also the second most popular web site in general. There are millions of videos on YouTube that are kicking butt, taking names and generating millions of dollars in revenue. Some of the videos have resulted in record deals, national media attention and some have landed people in jail. Nevertheless, video is where it is at! The "new video era" is not simply about video marketing, but a trend to capitalize on is LIVE streaming video. Posting a unique video on YouTube is great, but why not let people view it live and actually experience it? The key is the live interaction and the experience, and consumers are driven by instant consumption and gratification. This session will get credit unions thinking about reality television, creating a web-based TV show and more.

Media Relations 101
     Luke Capizzo
Community credit unions make a significant impact in their neighborhoods and in the lives of their members, but few take the time to tell their own stories with local media. Overworked reporters are hungry to share positive community news, but credit unions need to know how to play by their rules in order to build lasting, positive relationships. Learn the key processes and best practices to get ready for the credit union media spotlight.
Afternoon Breakout Sessions
  Education-Based Marketing
     Michael Tasner
Want to be certain to win business and attract and retain members? Practice education-based marketing by providing lots of free information to prospects and help them make better and more informed decisions. By offering whitepapers, free question-and-answer calls, teleseminars or webinars, educational blogs, videos and podcasts on highly relevant topics, credit unions can become effective at reaching a target audience and build member loyalty, too.

Making Credit Union Communication Strategic
     Luke Capizzo
As results-driven marketers, it is easy to end-up chasing promotions or lending goals rather than leading the way toward stronger member relationships, additional media exposure and a clearer brand message. It starts with clearly defining target audiences and setting measurable objectives. Take a look at key elements of strategic communications and how they can work together to take marketing tactics to the next level.
Closing Session
  Increasing Cyber Awareness
      Jason Nairn
Individuals' everyday personal and business lives are consumed by a need for the Internet, computers, cell phones and more. The exchange and retention of the data that is being shared is always in jeopardy of getting into the wrong hands. Employees in the financial industry need to keep in mind that the information shared with members and fellow colleagues needs to be protected. Too many times organizations and individuals are threatened by the possibility of someone stealing information or hacking a database which could wreak havoc on a infrastructure. This session is designed to bring a heightened awareness to these dangers and offer ways to protect data and member information.



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