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Handouts for Lending Sessions


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Tuesday, February 18
Lending Keynote
  Key Lending Strategies for Loan Growth and Profitability
     Celeste Cook
In a challenging economy with stagnant loan growth and low consumer confidence, successful credit unions must find ways to refresh and elevate their lending programs to ensure growth and profitability. Explore a holistic, proactive approach to increased loan growth and profitability, while gaining insight into industry trends and the impact on credit unions. This session offers creative lending strategies that have proven to increase loan and membership growth, and will explain what to do to maximize the powerful marketing resources for credit union growth. It is possible to attract and retain members (even disgruntled members) by learning how to build stronger relationships that can lead to more loan opportunities. This exciting keynote address will offer great lending strategies, as well as tips for improving delinquencies and minimizing loan losses.
Morning Breakout Sessions  
  Willingness to Repay: Understanding Credit
     Blaine Rada
When extending credit, a borrower’s ability to repay the loan is only one side of the equation; their willingness to repay is the other side. Learn to understand the dynamics of credit scores, as well as working with members who have had credit problems while becoming more effective at negotiating such tricky predictions in credit and making good lending decisions.

Troubled Debt Restructuring and Calculations and Impairment
     John Kolhoff (DIFS) and Dan Mahalak
Gain a deeper understanding of the differences between a loan modification and troubled debt restructuring, and all that both entail. The presentation includes a discuss of the various considerations that need to be examined when making decisions to modify or restructure a member’s loan...and much more!
Afternoon Breakout Sessions
  Lending Best Practices
     Celeste Cook
Explore lending best practices that have proven to increase loan growth and income in a challenging economy and how to cultivate a proactive lending philosophy. Now is the time to capture more quality loans and build stronger relationships with members, while also helping people improve their credit score and lower their debt-to-income ratio. Risk management strategies will also be shared to minimize delinquencies and loan losses.
Simplifying the Self-Employed Member
     Blaine Rada
Reviewing tax returns does not have to be painful or intimidating! By learning how to locate the income necessary to qualify a self-employed member for a loan, it is possible to use a simple format to make effective decisions. From sole proprietors, to partnerships, to S-corporations and corporations, this session will simplify the process of qualifying members for loans.

Indirect Lending Litigation
     Patty Corkery
Many credit unions participate in indirect lending, and while this product can offer great returns and member convenience, it is also inherently risky. Be prepared for regulator scrutiny by examining the initial stages of how to contract with dealerships, through to the anatomy of a deal gone bad, all the way to litigation against fraud dealerships. This session will allow credit unions to look at their own indirect lending program and be sure the credit union and members are protected, and that lenders and collectors have the tools they need to run a profitable program.

The Changing World of Payments                         
     Amy Smith
The payments industry is at a crossroads as new applications and solutions are introduced daily. New players in the payments landscape and high expectations for near real-time payments processing impact the overall deposit relationship. Join this update and discussion to connect innovation and lending for the future success of credit unions.
Wednesday, February 19
Lending Keynote

Lifestyle Lending                            
     Pierre Cardenas
Get ready to attract new members and promote local business development, all while expanding the loan portfolio! It can be done with lifestyle lending, a type of indirect lending that supports retailers, medical providers and businesses in the community by providing financing to their patients and customers. These loans might cover the cost of dental work, surgeries such as bariatric, cosmetic and laser-vision correction, adoption services or infertility treatments, remodeling projects, large household purchases including water treatment systems, heating and air conditioning or spas. These indirect lending loans could even include funeral expenses, jewelry purchases or musical instruments. Find out what it takes to begin serving member needs, while also serving local businesses, with lifestyle lending.
Morning Breakout Sessions

Advertising Loans
     Glory LeDu and Sarah Stevenson
This session will review Federal regulatory requirements outlined in the Truth in Lending Act, Fair Lending Laws, NCUA advertising requirements and the CFPB’s Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices (UDAAP).  The session will also review requirements for advertising loans through social media and e-mail, loan promotion considerations and pre-screened offers of credit.  Attendees will leave with the tools necessary to review loan advertisements for compliance requirements and will also obtain a few credit union best practices.

Understanding SBA Policies and Procedures
    Romy Ancog
Credit unions have been the fastest growing segment of SBA lending since 2008. This session will focus on the advantages of SBA Lending and how it lowers risk, increases profitability and make more loans.  Loan eligibility and structuring will be covered, as well as SBA loan application.  
Afternoon Breakout Sessions

Most Common Violations Found in the Lending Department
     Shawn Wolbert
Take this time to understand current key compliance areas, common violations within those areas and updates on upcoming regulatory actions, to gain tools and insights for improving lending compliance efforts.
Spotlight on MSU Federal Credit Union:
Building Retail Indirect Lending Success

     Stephanie Minott and Ronda G. McCoy, CPA, MBA
Listen in to the lending relations manager and chief lending officer from
MSU Federal Credit Union discuss the success their credit union has had with indirect lending.

Closing Session
  Increasing Cyber Awareness
      Jason Nairn
Individuals' everyday personal and business lives are consumed by a need for the Internet, computers, cell phones and more. The exchange and retention of the data that is being shared is always in jeopardy of getting into the wrong hands. Employees in the financial industry need to keep in mind that the information shared with members and fellow colleagues needs to be protected. Too many times organizations and individuals are threatened by the possibility of someone stealing information or hacking a database which could wreak havoc on a infrastructure. This session is designed to bring a heightened awareness to these dangers and offer ways to protect data and member information.



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