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Handouts - Download Here






Thank you for attending the 2013 Lending and Marketing Conference.

Below are select handouts and presentations from this event which may be downloaded for reference.

Welcome and League Update
Facilitated by David Adams
   Sponsored by CU Direct Corp.

Lending Keynote

    Trends Hitting the Banking Industry
    Facilitated by Pierre Cardenas
      Sponsored by CU Solutions Group

Marketing Keynote

   Community Marketing With a Generational Twist
    Facilitated by Mark Arnold
       Sponsored by Mortgage Center

Day 1 Lending

    Relationship Pricing/Lending – Serving Your Members Well
    Facilitated by Pierre Cardenas

    Troubled Debt Restructuring Additional Handouts: #1, #2, #3
    Facilitated by John Kolhoff, Dan Mahalak, John Karisny
       Sponsored by Member First Mortgage

    Strategic Lending Programs
    Facilitated by Pierre Cardenas

    CFPB Handling Mortgage Issues
    Facilitated by Alice Alvey

    Streamlining Loans for Growth
    Facilitated by Jeff Benson

Day 1 Marketing

    Measuring a Websites ROI
    Facilitated by Diane Knudson

    Building a Lasting Brand
    Facilitated by Mark Arnold

    Promotions 101 - "Tear it Up"
    Facilitated by Mark Arnold
    What There is to Love About Social Media
    Facilitated by Jonathan Fuhrman

    Marketing to the Masses
    Facilitated by Pierre Cardenas

Day 1 Lending or Marketing

    Community Outreach With a Purpose
    Facilitated by Beth Troost and Pam Swope

Day 2 Lending General Session

    Credit Restoration: Improving Member's Ability to Qualify for a Loan
    Facilitated by James Hogle
       Sponsored by Mortgage Center

Day 2 Marketing General Session

    The New Consumer
    Facilitated by Josh Allison
      Sponsored by CU Solutions Group

Day 2 Lending

    Credit Restoration: Facts, Myths and How to Strengthen Scores!
    Facilitated by James Hogle

    Regulatory Compliance Update – Navigating the New Regulatory Environment
    Facilitated by Lauren Calhoun

    Spotlight on EECU
    Facilitated by Steve Cobb

    Most Common Violations Found in the Lending Department
    Facilitated by Shawn Wolbert

Day 2 Marketing

   The Explosion of Mobile Banking on Financial Services
    Facilitated by Linda Daichendt

    Member Growth
    Facilitated by Josh Allison

    Credit Union Spotlight
Lake Michigan Credit Union

    Facilitated by Bill Clancy

    Social Media Compliance                    
    Facilitator Michael Bell

    Emerging Technologies
    Facilitated by Linda Daichendt


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