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HR Topics

HR Professionals! Here is the latest information to help you maintain compliance, avoid legal issues and stay up-to-date on important industry trends.

Day 1 | Tuesday, September 25

Compliance During Hiring & Firing: A Side of Social Media
Facilitated by Michael Bell
      Pre-approved for 1.25 general credit hours.

It may seem straightforward to "hire correctly" and "fire correctly", but there can be much more involved while staying compliant with both Michigan and Federal Laws, as well as following some time-tested best practices. Social Media has added some new twists and created plenty of possible pitfalls. Take this opportunity to discover whether an initial employment application is really important, at what age does age discrimination become an issue, is it legal to terminate an employee for no reason and the latest ins-and-outs related to social media dos and don'ts.

From Aspiration to Action:
Innovation as a Key to Performance
Facilitated by Jackson Hataway
      Pre-approved for 1.25 general credit hours.

If nothing else, one fact has become clear in the wake of the Great Recession: the traditional banking business model will never recover. Credit unions are now expected to do much more (in the forms of products, services or delivery channels) with much less, all while maintaining the core focus of service excellence. For managers and trainers, this can seem like an almost impossible burden to manage using the tried and true systems. What many don’t realize however, is that the key to this precarious balance is intelligent and effective innovation – innovation that capitalizes on the existing resources of the credit union and that helps to build a bench of capable leaders for the future. Discover a new model for maximizing the innovative potential of people, a model that is crucial to staying adaptive to the increasingly fast tempo of the modern financial marketplace. Attendees will be introduced to methods for implementing new, dynamic internal communication channels that will allow credit unions to develop a culture of innovation, a culture that focuses on moving from aspiration to action at every stage of development.

Healthcare Reform: From Capitol Hill to Main Street to the Voting Booth
Facilitated by Jim Fournier
      Pre-approved for 1.25 general credit hours.

Get the latest information about Healthcare Reform (PPACA). From the legislative perspective to discussing the Supreme Court's decision, this session will get you up to date on what employers need to know now and look beyond to the November elections and into 2014.

Day 2 | Wednesday, September 26

SBC and Other Important PPACA Issues
Attorney Tim Tornga
Take a closer look at the Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC) and other Patient Protection and Affordable Coverage Act issues employers need to understand. This insightful session will including information on the content, who provides, who receives, distribution events, distribution methods and important compliance issues.

Diversity in the Workplace
Facilitated by Marie McKendall
      Pre-approved for 1.25 general credit hours.

Discover techniques to help credit unions define and assess whether they have an appropriate level of diversity in their workforce. From recruiting and selecting diverse employees, to covering the benefits and challenges of employing a diverse work force, this session will demonstrate the why and how of bringing together the best group of people (and outstanding talent) from different races, ages, genders and physical abilities.

Note: The use of this seal is not an endorsement by the HR Certification Institute of the quality of the program. It means that this program has met the HR Certification Institute's criteria to be pre-approved for recertification credit.



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