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General Sessions

Outstanding General Session Presentations Ideal for All Attendees!

Day 1 | Tuesday, September 25
Welcome and League Update
Drew Egan

MCUL & Affiliates executive vice president/COO Drew Egan takes this time to welcome attendees and provide an short update on issues important to Michigan credit union professionals and the role the League serves in addressing these topics.

Plus, Keynote Presentation...
Keynote: Growing Your Influence Upstream and Downstream
Facilitated by Jackson Hataway
      Pre-approved for 1.0 general credit hours.

Get ready to develop a personal brand! That's right. While credit unions and businesses may have marketers or agencies develop a brand, individuals can have brands as well. The difference between the two is that a corporate brand is carefully measured and managed, where often individual's brands may be left hanging in the wind to manage themselves. Skillful leaders in organizations of all types and sizes understand the value of deliberately building a personal brand – and leadership studies continually validate this mentality. Personal brands help identify leaders among peers, allowing an individual to be become a communication hub in business and to grow their influence both upstream and downstream from where they are now. Take a look at what it takes to develop a personal brand and learn what a valuable asset it is. This high-energy and high-impact session will use national examples and provide tools and best practices from companies like Microsoft and Adobe. This session will challenge participants to take control of their personal brand and become drivers of growth in their organizations.

Day 2  | Wednesday, September 26
Keynote Presentation...
Life's All About Plan B
Facilitated by Melissa Boyce
      Pre-approved for 1.0 general credit hours.

With an unpredictable economy, leading a new generation of workers requires a lot of creativity and balance -- a tough challenge when life requires so much compliance. Now is the time to take a realistic look at how to handle overwhelming opinions, news and outlooks regarding the current economy and begin to understand how the power of thinking will define the future. Organizations need to make sure negative thinking is not spreading like a virus, and individuals need to be able to clearly see the possibilities for themselves in both their personal and professional life. Learn how to create "Life's Plan B" and take home the cure for negativity in the workplace...and beyond.

Plus, Closing Session...
Closing Session: Zap the Gap

Facilitated by Author Meagan Johnson
      Pre-approved for 1.25 general credit hours.

Never before has there been four generations in the workplace and the marketplace at the same time. Never before has there been such an opportunity for collaboration. Never before has there been such an opportunity for conflict. Get ready to navigate the challenging generational waters during this unique presentation "ZAP THE GAP!  As co-author of the book, "Generations, Inc -- From Boomers to Linksters, Managing the Friction Between Generations at Work" the speaker will make sure attendees are having fun as they consider a different way of thinking about working and communicating with the various generations in the workplace.



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