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Credit Union Time Capsule

Attending an Oakland County Chapter meeting in 1965 are (from left to right) MCUL President Harry J. Woodman; Republican Congressman William S. Broomfield of Michigan’s 18th District; Oakland County Chapter Chairman Ronald J. Wilde; and Democratic Congressman Billie S. Farnum of Michigan’s 19th District. 

Broomfield served on 18 Congresses, beginning in 1957 and ending in 1993. After retirement, he started a foundation that supports various charities in southeast Michigan, including efforts to cure cancer, spina bifida and Alzheimer's. Broomfield currently resides in Kensington, Md.

Farnum was elected to Congress in 1964 as one of the “Michigan Five Fluke Freshmen” that coincided with the Lyndon Johnson landslide presidential victory and flipped the delegation from 12-7 Republican to 12-7 Democratic. These five democrats were then defeated in the 1967 election. Farnum was elected secretary of the Michigan Senate in 1975 and served in that capacity until his death in 1979. The Farnum Building in Lansing, the current home of the Michigan Senate, was named in his honor.

Both Woodman and Wilde ran GMTC CU in Oakland County, which became T&C FCU and has since merged with USA CU to become Genisys CU. Between 1954 and 1969 (including Woodman and some of Wilde’s tenures as manager) the credit union grew from $3 million in assets to more than $15.5 million.

Credit Union Time Capsule
The Michigan Credit Union League has nearly 60 years worth of photographs that provide intriguing glimpses into Michigan credit union history. In this and future issues of Contact, MCUL will feature a photograph discovered in the archives with a description based on the information we have available. If you have something to share regarding the people or events in any of these photographs, write to Contact Editor-in-Chief Bryan Dahl at Your contribution will appear in the next issue.

FROM The Editor

Welcome to the first Contact of 2009. At a time when credit unions are dealing with a host of economic and compliance challenges, it’s more important than ever to keep up-to-date on industry news and helpful resources. To better provide these to the credit union community, MCUL is constantly working to improve the content of publications such as Contact while keeping their design fresh and reader-friendly.

With this in mind, we have made some changes to the look and feel of Contact. Each issue we will continue to include informative analysis, interviews and features regarding credit union issues and community involvement. What is most important to us, though, is providing Michigan credit unions with quality information relevant to them and allowing them to voice their opinions on credit union topics. Contact readers are strongly encouraged to utilize the magazine as a forum for discussion by submitting letters to the address listed on this page or to Story ideas and comments about credit union issues discussed in Contact are welcome and will always be considered, and we will continue to print letters on this page.
As we move forward into this uncertain New Year, it’s our hope credit unions will take advantage of the resources available through MCUL to increase their success in challenging times. We continuously work to make these resources as valuable to credit unions as possible. As a means of communicating to our member credit unions, Contact is an important part of our information services and we welcome your feedback. 

We at Contact Magazine want to hear from you. We reserve the right to edit all letters for brevity and clarity and require that all letters include a signature, address and telephone number. Names may be withheld from publication only by mutual agreement of the writer and publisher under extraordinary circumstances. All letters published solely represent the views of the authors and are not necessarily the views of Contact Magazine or MCUL. Send all letters to Contact Magazine, 101 S. Washington Square, Suite 900, Lansing, MI 48933 or fax to (517) 482-3762. Letters may also be sent via e-mail at

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