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Thanks For Children's Miracle Support

On behalf of the Children’s Miracle Network and our four affiliated children’s hospitals in Michigan, I want to sincerely thank the entire credit union movement throughout your state for your generosity and support.
The funds raised at this year’s Silent Auction and Golf Tournament will help provide the finest in medical care for Michigan’s most important asset — our children.
We are truly fortunate to have the Michigan Credit Union League as a partner and we are grateful for your leadership and commitment to the kids.
Joe Dearborn
Managing Director
Children’s Miracle Network/Credit Unions for Kids
Salt Lake City, Utah
MCUL Gift Helping Advance King Memorial
On behalf of the members of the Executive Leadership Cabinet and the Board of Directors of the Washington, D.C., Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial Project Foundation, I extend my sincere gratitude to the Michigan Credit Union League for the $3,000 gift to assist in the building of a memorial in Washington to honor the life and legacy of Dr. King.
The gift will greatly assist the Memorial Foundation in reaching our $100 million goal. Currently, we have raised $81 million, thanks in part to the efforts of credit unions. The MCUL’s generosity moves us one step closer to honoring the legacy of Dr. King on the National Mall.
Thank you for being a strong partner in honoring this great American — Dr. King.
Harry E. Johnson Sr.
Martin Luther King Jr. National Memorial Project
Washington, D.C.
Editor's Note
Over the years, I’ve occasionally heard the view expressed that trades associations are prone to exaggerate problems and manufacture crises in order to underscore their value to their members. I suppose the charge could be credibly leveled at the various banking trade groups, who for more than half a century have been haranguing lawmakers and banging their war drums over the dire threat posed by tax-exempt credit unions.
That these misguided campaigns have been both futile and expensive is self-evident — given the broad popular support for credit unions among consumers and lawmakers, banking lobbyists calling for credit union taxation have often looked as silly as King Canute commanding the tides. One has to wonder why banks don’t call upon their lobbyists to redirect resources to areas where success would be a more realistic prospect.
And the phrase “more than half a century” is not an example of rhetorical license on my part. An archived copy of Contact Magazine dated June 1952 includes an account of an attack on credit unions at a local chamber of commerce meeting, where a banker railed against the credit union tax exemption. It’s worth noting that this was back when the average Michigan credit union had about 619 members and a whopping $194,000 in assets — something to remember the next time a banker tells you that it’s only the “large,” “aggressive” or “open-membership” credit unions they object to.
Here at the MCUL, however, I’ve never encountered a create-a-crisis mindset in my 23 years on staff. In other words, when the League’s leadership cries wolf, there is in fact a hungry canis lupus on the prowl. Still, I can understand how readers may become jaded with phrases like “challenging times,” “highly competitive marketplace” and “rapidly changing environment” — words that are no strangers to the pages of most any credit union publication or annual report, including those of Contact Magazine. 
But, if these phrases seem a bit shopworn, it’s not because they aren’t based in fact. Statements typically become clichés and observations platitudes when they are founded in some elemental, unassailable truth. The simple fact is that these are challenging times for credit unions. We do operate in a highly competitive marketplace today. And the environment most certainly is a rapidly changing one.
Much, if not all, of these statements were equally true throughout the 73-year history of the MCUL. For that nearly three-quarters of a century, the MCUL has helped Michigan credit unions succeed and progress, meeting each challenge and seizing each opportunity along the way. The lesson of our past is clear: Only through unity and cooperation can credit unions be assured of similar victories and successes in the future.

We at Contact Magazine want to hear from you. Letters must be postmarked no later than Dec. 31, 2007 to be considered for publication in our next (1st Quarter) issue. We reserve the right to edit all letters for brevity and clarity and require that all letters include a signature, address and telephone number. Names may be withheld from publication only by mutual agreement of the writer and publisher under extraordinary circumstances. All letters published solely represent the views of the authors and are not necessarily the views of Contact Magazine or the MCUL. Send all letters to Contact Magazine, P.O. Box 8054, Plymouth, MI 48170-8054 or fax to (734) 420-1540. Letters may also be sent via e-mail at 

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