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This issue, the Credit Union Time Capsule celebrates growth and expansion. These photos from the 1950s and 1960s show a Michigan where new credit unions and branches were popping up all the time. The landscape is very different now, but the idea of coming together to celebrate a new chapter of a credit union’s history is timeless.

From Top Left:   1. Monaghan Columbus CU breaks ground for their new, $85,000 building.
2. Auto Hardware CU was created to serve employees of GM’s Ternstedt division, which manufactured several parts for GM vehicles. 3. A ceremonial shot of what would become Buick Employees CU in Flint. 4. A host of credit union people gather around the groundbreaking for Brewery Workers CU.

Credit Union Time Capsule

The Michigan Credit Union League has nearly 60 years worth of photographs that provide intriguing glimpses into Michigan credit union history. In this and future issues of Contact, MCUL will feature a photograph discovered in the archives with a description based on the information we have available. If you have something to share regarding the people or events in any of these photographs, write to Contact Editor-in-Chief Bryan Dahl at Your contribution will appear in the next issue.

FROM The Editor

It’s New Year’s resolution time, but instead of trying to get in shape, quit smoking or stop biting your nails, why not resolve to do something differently as a credit union leader or volunteer? There are plenty of ways to strengthen your involvement and knowledge of the issues that are easy to do, and certainly more likely to last than, say, giving up your weekly Snickers bar.  

This is a big year for credit unions; one of the biggest. With Congress looking at ways to protect the economy and consumers, there are many possible implications for credit unions, but the only way to shield our industry is by staying on top of the issues and making our voice heard. If you’re familiar with grassroots advocacy efforts in Michigan, but have always been on the fence about taking part yourself, why not make 2010 the year you look into it? The MCUL provides many opportunities in this area including the MCUL Governmental Affairs Conference, Capitol Day, chapter legislative breakfasts and more. At the national level, the 2010 CUNA Governmental Affairs Conference is Feb. 21-25 in Washington, D.C., and featured on page 10 of this issue of Contact.

Another resolution could be to stay plugged-in to Michigan credit union industry news. Take advantage of the MCUL Web site homepage to keep aware of weekly happenings on the legislative, regulatory, and credit union community fronts. If you aren’t signed up for the MCUL’s weekly newsletter, Monitor, you can sign up at

There is also a myriad of MCUL educational events throughout the year for all levels of credit union staff. Resolve to take part in training or get members of your staff to utilize these helpful conferences and sessions. The MCUL Web site has a full education calendar, and pages 24 and 25 of Contact look at upcoming events and profile the 2010 Marketing and Lending Conferences.

The League is here to serve and advocate for credit unions. Keep the chocolate, and make 2010 the year you look at some ways to better yourself and your staff by utilizing what the MCUL has to offer.

We at Contact Magazine want to hear from you. We reserve the right to edit all letters for brevity and clarity and require that all letters include a signature, address and telephone number. Names may be withheld from publication only by mutual agreement of the writer and publisher under extraordinary circumstances. All letters published solely represent the views of the authors and are not necessarily the views of Contact Magazine or MCUL. Send all letters to Contact Magazine, 101 S. Washington Square, Suite 900, Lansing, MI 48933 or fax to (517) 482-3762. Letters may also be sent via e-mail at

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