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Candy Bars

Chapter and individual credit unions have been very successful at meeting their fundraising goals by selling candy bars in their lobbies. Because of state reporting requirements (the state law that reduces the reporting threshold to $0.00 for contributions to MCULAF our state PAC) we understand that most members will not fill out their name and address to buy a candy bar, however, for staff the information is easily obtained. We recommend candy bar proceeds be remitted to MCULLAF (federal PAC) for sales to members and to MCULAF (state PAC) for sales to credit union staff. When submitting proceeds from this fundraising activity to MCULLAF or MCULAF please remember that a money order or cashier’s check along with a Fundraising Remittance Form needs to be filled out. Please note a corporate check from a credit union is prohibited.

The MCUL recently received clarification from CUNA on the FEC’s recently enacted one-third rule. Food and beverage, including candy bars, are exempt from this rule. Credit unions can choose what amount to sell their candy bars for, without restriction. Additionally, credit unions are not required to reimburse the PAC for the candy’s original purchase cost prior to the campaign. If credit unions prefer, they can deduct their cost of the candy prior to sales from the gross proceeds when submitting their funds to MCULLAF.
When selling candy (or other items) credit unions must post a sign indicating that part of the money goes to a PAC and must also include all other legal disclaimers. Please see below for a sample sign for MCULLAF (federal PAC) that you can use. For MCULAF (state PAC) verbiage, please contact the MCUL Governmental Affairs staff.
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