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Michigan Credit Union League Home » Information Services » Publications » Contact » 2008 » 4th Quarter » CU Relations Provides Link To League Services  

MCUL CU Relations:
A Valuable Link to League Services in 2009

ABOVE: GraCo FCU (MM) Manager Stacey Grube, right, sits down with League Representative Robin Wybenga to discuss the credit union's goals.

BELOW:  Jeff Freeman, CEO of Kramer Homes FCU (ME), left, discusses hsi credit union's performance with League Representative Ronald Martin.

Personal service is one of the most renowned aspects of credit union membership. Consumers take comfort knowing their financial institution will provide one-on-one assistance relevant to their specific situation, and credit unions have made this part of their mission. In the same way, MCUL CU Relations strives to provide individual attention to member credit unions to help meet their unique needs.

Bringing fresh ideas and perspective to CU Relations is new Director Martha Ninichuk, who began work with the MCUL in October. Prior to joining the Maryland/D.C. Credit Union Association about two years ago, where she served as vice president of consulting, Ninichuk spent almost six years working for the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU). Her first assignment with WOCCU was Macedonia, working closely with the MCUL/CUcorp. Prior to WOCCU, she was CEO for St. Cletus CU (ME) for seven years.

CU Relations’ league representatives, including new League Representative Robin Wybenga, are available to provide information on the newest ways the MCUL and Affiliates can assist credit unions during these difficult economic times. Over the next year, a more pointed approach will be used by MCUL league representatives to assist credit unions with reaching their individual strategic goals and identifying services that can help accomplish them. League representatives will also have continued education on the difficulties the current economy is putting on credit unions and credit union members.

CU Relations will place more focus on special initiatives that work directly with increasingly important areas, including financial education tools that can be used in-house for members and staff, and Community Reinvestment Initiative (CRI) programs for reaching out to unbanked or underserved consumers. League representatives will continue to provide notice of upcoming MCUL educational events relevant to a particular credit union’s needs, new CUcorp products and services, and up-to-date information from the MCUL’s Governmental Affairs department.

Credit unions are encouraged to work closely with their league representative to keep aware of available MCUL services that could be a difference-maker during this challenging time for Michigan and the U.S. economy. Consult the map of updated districts on this page to see which league representative serves your area, and visit to find their extension and e-mail address.

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